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CD Packaging ???

I just got my pre-ordered-Black Rain CD w/ free tickets code - in the mail from

The packaging absolutly SUCKS!
Just a fold out dark cardboard sleeve. Not even a booklet inside.

Are all the new cds like this?

Is yours?


Hey, DiaryOfACajunMan! You read it too fast. I was actually pretty stoned when I wrote that.... maybe its you that needs to lay off the coffee.


Dont get us wrong. We LOVE ozzy but the 9.99 cd from itunes has a booklet. the 17.99 cd from Best buy is recycled paper and the inside is printed upside f***ing down. I love every song on the CD but what the f***. OH im sorry i did get the f***ing booklet

I really enjoy BLACK RAIN (listening to it right now, in fact), but the packaging is God awful. I'm not one that needs a big fancy package, but I do expect it to have something.

While I am not a fan of the packaging myself, I think since Ozzy felt that this album was a "back to form" feel, the cd, the way it is packaged, kinda reminds of how old vinyl records are packaged, but I would have preferred the awesome cover that the Japanese version got, with a booklet and a jewel case, BUT, the album still kicks f***ing ass.

All my life I've been over the top, I don't know what I'm doing, All I know is I don't wanna stop

Has there been any info regarding a domestic version with jewel case and booklet?

well alot of people think nowadays that a purchased cd should come with some artwork, a poster, or dvd since you can download a entire album for free. but me, just gimme the tunes. thats all i need.

OZZY OSBOURNE's 'Black Rain' Goes Green - June 5, 2007

Launch Radio Networks reports: OZZY OSBOURNE's latest album, "Black Rain", is actually green. The album, which came out on May 22, was released in "eco-friendly" packaging, with the CD sleeve made out of recycled paper. In addition, the record came out without a booklet to further save paper, with the lyrics, credits and other inside material available to buyers of the CD at

My copy has art work and all the info. my cd's the New Zealand,Australia copy

I actually kinda like the packaging.
it's states the fact that it's all about the music not a fancy case.
Fix me!!!

Hate to make people more mad but their is a gray copies floating around with actual ozzfest tickets from what I have been told as well.
In OZZY I trust!

Damn!! Whinners!! I always thought I bought CD's for the music? Screw the case!! They get tossed after awhile anyway!! Long Live Rock and Roll

I expect a jewel case & notes with lyrics with any CD. I love the CD, but the packaging couldn't suck more. I've heard the story that this is to "save the environment". Well, I'd like a case to store & save my CD for decades to come.

Amen to that
Fix me!!!

ya i ordered mine the day i got the email on my space, paid $18.00 for it, and there is nothing in it but the paper with the codes in it. i have not heard of any actually having tickets in them, the box set last year did but ya i hopes sor some pics or lyrics with it but hell i put it in my cd case anyway but i thought i got ripped off by sony music myself. so no disrespect to the ozz man, the jams are great. just another stick from corporate america.

Princess of Darkness...

Buy a Canada copy with Ozzy stand cover and you have a bootlegs.

<cite>Plus the packaging has to be the cheapest I have ever seen for a release by a major artist. Cheap cardboard foldover slipcase with no lyrics or liner notes at all. Probably cost 3-4 cents to produce. Very disappointing.</cite>

Is there supposed to be a jewel case version sometime after these "limited edition" cd's are gone? I won't buy it until a jewel case version comes out. Either that or eventually I will get the Japanese version which has jewel case, booklet, proper artwork and TWO bonus tracks!
I went to the store all excited the day it came out and after staring at it for a couple minutes I just tossed it down. I am NOT buying something so cheaply made. It's like they didn't even take the fans into consideration.

To anyone who feels they got ripped off with the lame cardboard cover... Get the Japanese version!
It's freakin' sweet! Two bonus tracks and a lavish booklet all packaged very nicely. The Japanese get this kind of treatment with most other metal bands as well. They all have bonus tracks, extra liner notes, pics and stuff.

YEA. we discussed this in the Review thread for the album...

Part of the reason I spend my hard money on cd's is to get at least a pro quality booklet. I will just download this one as there is no reason to plop down $15 for a cardboard promo sleeve and not even get a damn booklet! The music itself is cheaper elsewhere (itunes, ect) don't waste your money on a cheap cardboard cover you can make yourself

Just remeber its whats in side that counts lol but i kinda wanted a booklet

AS STATED PREVIOUSLY IN THE REVIEW THREAD (I want to make sure everyone reads this):

For all you people who are whining about the packaging, all I have to say is: YOU HAVE NO APPRECIATION FOR GOOD ROCK N ROLL!!! It seems like every new CD that comes out needs a "bonus disk CD ROM/DVD" to make a good impression on fans. I think the stripped down packaging only adds to this masterpiece. Get rid of the garbage, get rid of the six extra songs you weren't going to listen to anyway, and it leaves you with what you were really buying anyway.... THE MUSIC!

(Plus the guy is puttin on a free tour for all you whiny maggots anyway. Who can really complain if he cut some of his annual expenses by simplifing the packaging?)

BOTTOM LINE: Quit your b****ing and jam out for Christ sake!!

I think 2 tickets to ozzfest makes up for no booklet,dont you?

Dude don't listen to these guys. I agree with you man. I am totally disappointed with the packaging as well. They showed us this awesome cover online with Ozzy and the black rain falling and then we get this waifer thin cardboard thing with no book and pay 17 bucks for it!? we don't need a dvd and all that s***, we just want some decent artwork. I wouldn't buy something on itunes because I want not only cd quality sound, but also, cover art and a physical cd. Unfortunately with this album, itunes and everyone besides the US gets a lyric book and the actual cover art. Apparently what happened is this is the cover that was chosen for the US album and the European version has the actual cover art that we saw online that shows Ozzy (at least according to It would have been ok if they used this crappy minimal packaging if only they had at least included a book with the real cover and the lyrics and credits inside of it. Lastly, to you guys who are ok with the cover art, I am in no way ungrateful to Ozzy for having a free Ozzfest and am in no way dissing the album itself. I love this album and I love Ozzy. He is my favorite. I have never gotten to see him live before and am hoping to get to this time. I don't blame Ozzy for this. He has always talked about how he hates his record label ripping off his fans by releasing pointless greatest hits albums. I think it's possible that he didn't even have anything to do with this decision. It could have been either his label's choice or Sharon's choice, but even if Ozzy did approve the packaging, I am not angry with him for it, just dissapointed because I really like the cover that was shown online. I will buy the import if I have to to get that cover.

i caught the interview a few nights ago featuring Ozzy with Greta Van Susteran.
Ozzy mentioned that they were selling 10 songs for 10.00
(i payed 12.00, i guess with other costs involved).
but i think this shows Sharon's never-ending incredible ability to market Ozzy,
always 10 steps ahead of the others, by keeping cost down.
with all of the downloading today, who really cares about a cover anyway?
it is another great Ozzy album.

anyone remember this one...
Ozzy at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic New Jersey, April 24th 1981 ?

Album kicks ass, but i think the best song is "Nightmare" which is from the itunes version. it is truly fantastic!! check it out!!!

Long Live OZZY!!!

Does anyone know if there will be a domestic jewel case version of this disc or should I go ahead and order the Japanese version?

I agree with Ozzmosis666. I'm not happy with the CD cover/packaging either, especially since it's a Limited Edition copy. I'm happy to hear new Ozzy and I'm looking forward to Ozzfest this year.

as i mentioned in a previous thread, who really gives a f*** about packaging, all that matters is the music, it could come in a napkin for all i care i still love the music ozzy's given to us.

Hey Nickg666 ....
"Put the coffee down bro!"

O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

To some people it means a lot. It's all part of the package. A total and complete work of art. Without the cover art it's incomplete. It's like buying a painting without the frame. I know the guy who did the art for several major artists like Opeth and Once Dead and I know that he would personally be offended at such shallow thinking.
As I said the lable was really cheap this time around and I certainly wouldn't shell out money I have worked hard for to end up with a disc that not only lacks the art, lyrics, liner notes and case but also can get scratched sliding in and out of the cardboard.

Stop crying.. Maybe they are trying to be more enviormentally concious... There is no need for a plastic case and all that extra paper.. I was actually pleased by it when I saw it.. If you want pictures, go look at some on the web..

To the people whining about the packaging:

Let me ask you a question. I'm going to name off some CDs that many of you probably have and I want you to think about the last time you looked at the booklet for them:

G n R- Appitite for Destruction
Metallica- Master of Puppets
Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power
Marilyn Manson- Antichrist Superstar
Black Label Society- 1919 Eternal
Black Sabbath- Paraniod

These are just a few CDs that many of us have in common. Could you really remember the last time you looked at them? I know some you are going to post back saying that you look at them all the time, but my point is this: Most people don't sit there and spend all their time reading the damn book. You look at it once, twice maybe... read the lyrics, look at the pictures, and then you take the CD and put it into a CD carrier or binder for your car and you put the plastic case with the booklet in a cabinet under your TV. If you can come in these forums and b****, then you obviously have access to the links above that say "Lyrics" and "Music" and "Photos." Print them out, save them, do whatever you want with them. Save a tree, get some FREE Ozzfest tickets, and listen to the music, but for the love of God, quit your whining!

Can I get an AMEN?!