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Ozzy's Replacement Guitarist?

Who is filling in for Zakk Wylde in Moncton and halifax,Zakk is with Black Label Society in the states on those dates.


OK,if Zakk ain't here theres gonna be a f***ing RIOT,bad enough
Zombie is too much of a f***ING a**hole to not come...but add Zakk to the
MIA & look out ...I WANT MY f***ING MONEY BACK...
trust me there will be hell to pay if Zakk don't show,especially 2 shows...

Zakk is coming, no reason to think another wise. Zombie is not an a**hole, he had other dates booked before ozzy said he was coming here. Second when the concert was announced it mentioned nobody but OZZY it's not a ozzy/zombie/zakk concert it's a ozzy concert so u have no right to get your money back.

Zakk is going to be there.He is doing a guitar workshop at the music stop in Moncton.I'm not sure about halifax but i imagine he would do the same there as well.