Looks like we got the only 2 show venue on the tour.
I guess Ozzy was happy with the onsale response in Halifax!!


ok, i'll respond just once more, funny how you started a new name trying to prove ur point. im not in halifax, i live in nb, do you know where that is, WITHOUT looking at a map? you havent outdone anything, i just have better things to do with my time than to continually insult ppl and places i dont know, yes i know im doing what i just said i have better things to do than. its also funny how just about anyone who responds to any of ur inane rants, bashes u, no one cares about u and ur want for attention, u dont have tix at all, ur not going to all the venues u claim u are, so just give it up, and if im wrong, oh well, why does it bother u so much? low self esteem? no friends?

This is also my last reply to your bulls***. I just wanted to say something about your ghost town comment i'm currently a business student and trust me ,this place can be hard to do business in, but their are big things happening here and all over the east coast. If you truly want to be proven wrong it will take about 5 years when this city's port gets redone and many other major projects that the business community is aware of, unfold. Making Halifax an industrial hot spot. If you wish to proven wrong in a more timely mannor please come here for a visit, i personally will give you a place to stay and show you how ignorant you truly are.

big things happening there? its funny, i never read about anything in canada other than bc, alberta, quebec and ontario . but take it easy, i was exaggerating about the ghost town

marimac "i just have better things to do with my time than to continually insult ppl" yet...did i detect an insult at the end of your comment?
ok good, i have more room to breathe without having to argue my opinions now that you wont respond anymore


nicely said, have a great time at the concert!

i will, thank you

you to marimac, ARE YOU READY TO GO CRAZY!?!?!??!? lol


O Fortuna?

HOLY f*** THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY f*** THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


blackiron, ignore this idiot, he's been badmouthing everything, he's not even going to a concert, he's just jealous, we all have tickets and he doesnt. no megafan, you dont have tix, dont try to lie about it, if you did you would know where halifax is, not what it is.

good luck getting your tickets everyone who didnt the first time, i wont be in hali, im goin to moncton, have a great time everyone, i know i will

and before you start questioning my , where it is, not what it is, in one of the forums u asked, wtf is halifax, no im not going to waste my time pointing out where you posted it, and NO, you dont have tix, you stated below, "this is gonna rock, i f***ing get to see ozzy osbourne and zakk wyldd twice", NO YOUR NOT, you dont even know where hali is, so stop whining

Well i got my tickets for the second show on the 28th..
Section 50,Row 5..Seats1-4....Have them for the first show
also..Section 50 row 7!!!!Not sure if i can make the second
show yet....If not I'll just have to part with the tickets..Hope not!

there we f***in go, no more posers

hey everyone, i suggest we just ignore all of his trolling from here on out, he or she can say whatever his little 11 year old fingers wanna type, i'm done with it, obviously we are more mature than that, this person doesnt even live in Canada, let alone have tix to the concets

marimac...looks like ive outdone you. you ran out of things to say, and of course thats because i am right about halifax, isnt it? this is a forum and im stating my opinion, and if you dont like it, stop being a little b**** about it.
yea man, keep convincing yourself that i dont have tickets, i dont live in canada and im 11..."obviously we are more mature than that," right? this only goes to prove my point about halifax.