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Black Sabbath:The Dio Years

I've read that there was another "Tour Edition" of the album including two cds. The second cd is supposed to include 4 tracks recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1981. Does anyone know what those tracks are? Is the new version of the album limited or sold everywhere?


There is also a RARE Black Sabbath CD that was recorded at the Hammersmith concerts in 1981-1982. but only 5,000 copys were made, so the album is like really rare.

You can still buy the Hammersmith Odeon cd at Amazon or something for $150 from the owner and unopened.

U.K. release only...

available here:

the hammersmith bonus tracks are:

Neon Knights (Live)
The Mob Rules (Live)
Children of the Grave (Live)
Voodoo (Live)