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Hi ;) sorry, i was that Anonymous... just forgot to login.. :D

It's just so sad, that no one understand you, and no one, want to listen What i found out new about Ozzy, Or the Sabbath...And, all me friends, now nothing About Ozzy, and always say, that his just a Crazy old guy, which is junkie and alcoholic... Then I'm getting so angry... They just don't understand!!!! Rrrr.... They just don't know, and don't want to listen... Ozzy's maybe WAS an alcoholic and WAS taking Drugs earlier... But now his not! And I don't care If his Was! His the genius Of music! and The greatest singer i ever heard. I respect Him a lot, because, his life was not so easy, and still, hi says: I won't give up,
After all I'm still crazy, I'm not going away .
In one of His concerts Ozzy said:
If you listen To Ozzy Osbourne YOU WILL ALL GO TO HELL!!!!
And then i thought, if Ozzy will be there to, IT'S GREAT! ;DDD
love u Ozz