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I am, and always will be an Ozzy fan first & foremost!

I enjoyed Dio after Ozzy was fired, let go, but it was never the same vibe, at least not for me anyway. When Dio joined Sabbath the whole sound of the band changed, & it wasn’t just the vocals mind you, Iommi had evolved in his guitar playing, and he managed to even get heavier than what he had thrown at Ozzy in years past when they were still working together. Now that by no way means that what Iommi had done before wasn’t heavy as all s***, but due to better equipment, and much better recording studios, added with the fresh vocal styles of Dio, well heaven and hell was one mean ass album for back in its day, and some of it manages to live up very well to today’s standards, or so I believe.

The thing with Dio, whether it’s with Rainbow, Sabbath, or especially solo, the lyrics for me can get a bit wee bit to cheesy, and as time has gone by, some of the lyrics are just way to beyond f***in corny for me to handle, or to take seriously. The whole in the dark of the dark, and the night of the night s***, drives me absolutely crazy, in fact I almost hate it. I love Dio’s career in a nostalgic sense these days, it makes me smile when I hear it, but I don’t go out of my way to listen to any of it anymore. In other words my peeps I don’t own very much, if any Dio these days. As for Ozzy I own it all, or at least a majority of what he has done.

As for Ozzy getting cheesy with some of his lyrics, well he has went and done so in the later days of his career, or so I tend to think. But as for the Sabbath library with Ozzy, it still holds up as well today, no better today than it did when it was all new, and fresh. Sabbath during the Ozzy years is almost untouchable, it has everything you need to go by to build a band of your own, so in other words Sabbath wrote the blueprint for how real heavy music should be made. As for Dio being credited with that, I personally don’t think so. I agree Dio was a huge persona back in the day, but he didn’t pioneer s***, nor did he do anything all that original. As with Ozzy and the boys of Sabbath, they set the standard, & paved the way for all the metal bands that came after. So take a look at heavy music/metal, and ask yourself how many Dio clones your going to find, as in comparson to how many Ozzy clones you will undoubtedly find.

As for Dio’s voice holding up with age, the answer is yes of course it has, now does it change anything for me other than Ozzy’s shows being a little sad to see these days, the answer is no!

Ozzy’s is still the man and that will never change in my eyes. Ozzy’s music is superior to most that have attempted to mimic it, or try their hand at it. Ozzy and the boys of Sabbath are not just another metal band, they are thee metal band of all f***in time, the alpha & the omega! So in my book, even as cool as Dio was an all back in the day, its my humble opinion that Dio was just another one of many that rode on the Black Sabbath coat tail, as are many of the newer bands guilty of doing to this very day!

Just my 2 cents worth!

Peace all!

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>