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First off, when Dio came into Sabbath, he didn't try to be like Ozzy and that set him apart and gave them their new sound. Also your comment about lyrics...personally, I do like his lyrics (at least with Sabbath). But you can't compare his lyrics to the Ozzy era...considering Geezer Butler wrote most of it. What if Ozzy was the lyricist? Would Sabbath be as famous as they are now? Since Dio joined, he also gave room for Iommi to breathe with his solos and show off his true skill. And you cant ignore the fact that his monstrous, powerful vocals can easily match Iommi's new "heavier riffs"

As for your comment:
"<em>As with Ozzy and the boys of Sabbath, they set the standard, & paved the way for all the metal bands that came after. So take a look at heavy music/metal, and ask yourself how many Dio clones your going to find, as in comparson to how many Ozzy clones you will undoubtedly find.</em>"

Sure, Dio may not have been a pioneer to heavy metal, but he did help pave the way. Maybe there are more Dio "clones" because his voice had a bigger influence on newer bands than Ozzy did (or maybe because nobody could match Ozzy's voice...who knows right?}.

I'm not trying to say Dio was better than Ozzy, but I'm just stating the facts about Dio, that he is one of rocks greatest singers, and he can easily compare to Ozzy.