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I never said Dio acted like Ozzy, nor did I say he ever attempted to sound like Ozzy, so I am sorry if that’s what you got from my statements.

As for Dio’s lyrics, they have always been full of lyrics that talk about satanism/evil, the darkness, the moon, the evil of the night, earthy elements, and lots, & lots of that good ole spooky ass boo s***! The most popular rainbow song of Dio’s was “man on a silver mountain”, again with the earthly elements and corny ass lyrics. And as for Geezer writing the majority of the lyrics, I don’t buy that 100%, and in the end all got credit for those songs, Osbourne, Butler, Iommi, & Ward alike, via Black Sabbath!

For your theory, if Ozzy had wrote all of the lyrics while he was in Sabbath, would they have been as famous as they are now, well my only rebuttal is of course they would have been. Ozzy has always had a huge creative input into whatever he’s done, not so much musically, but when it comes to melody, and words I believe Ozzy held his own in Sabbath, and to think other wise is simply bulls***. I think the words that came from Sabbath where a collaboration on every member’s part, not one person is solely responsible for Sabbath working; it took all four of them!

I don’t think Dio’, or anyone’s vocals allows, or prevents a guitar player from strutting his, or her s***. Song structure is still song structure, the guy you by chance have singing doesn’t always add, or take away from that fundamental fact. So if you’re under the belief that Iommi did more guitar work, solo work because of Dio’s singing style, thus allowing Iommi to do more within the band, well that is just showing prejudice on your part.

Maybe you should ask yourself this question instead, and that is maybe Iommi did more solo work, better guitar work because he didn’t have Ozzy the front man to help carry the load anymore, via inspiring Iommi to put out some of his best work ever in order to compensate for that fact, or at the least save a little face for throwing Ozzy out of the band?

Dio is cool, I enjoy hearing him when I do, its just he isn’t my boy Ozzy, and when it comes to a front man, there is more than just sheer talent that can make or break a band on this fact alone. Try charisma, originality, creativity, these things a singer must have, and when a band loses that element it sometimes means the end for that band.

In Sabbaths case they went on and yes they were successful, but hands down it’s not the Dio Sabbath years that most will recognize, it’s the Ozzy & Black Sabbath years that everyone truly remembers as being the true incarnation of this band , as well it should be!

As for Dio paving the way, I say yes he did in a way, he carried the torch as well for many years, but he is no Ozzy, in my opinion not even in the same league. I will give Dio his due, yes he was a part of the heavy music scene, yes he coined a few of his own trademarks, and yes he had, and still has a very unique vocal style, but even given all that, he isn’t even close to being a Ozzy Osbourne, a Bill Ward, a Tony Iommi, or a Geezer Butler, never have I put him on a pedestal that high, nor will I ever.

If you love, enjoy Dio then that’s great, to each his own I say, its just that this old metal head loves the original lineup the best, I did back in the day, & its still true of me now.

Sabbath created heavy metal music, they also created a whole new jondra, and for that I will always be in awe of them, and I will always give them the credit due to them for doing just that very thing!

For me in order to love heavy music, or modern metal, one must always rememebr the Sabbath!

peace all!

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