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<strong>where...hailfax said:</strong><cite> Sorry if you misunderstood me too...I meant that when Dio was in the band, he gave Iommi the opportunity to play more, and I do have proof from straight from Dio's mouth (which does not show prejudice on my part). </cite>

Well that’s kind of rich wouldn’t ya say, it coming straight from Dio’s mouth, whatever; friend, opinions are like a**holes, we each have one I suppose. And once again for you to swallow that load of bulls*** from these guys all these years after the fact of Ozzy being fired from Sabbath, again shows a bias point of view on your part, no offence taken please.

<strong>where...hailfax said:</strong><cite> Have you seen the new Heaven and Hell live DVD?</cite>

No, again really not all that interested, curiosity maybe, but that’s about it.

<strong>where...hailfax said:</strong><cite> If not, I suggest you go buy it, go to the special features and listen to what Iommi/Dio had to say.

Take these for example:
"Tony loved to have to come up to a musical standard, so did Geezer." - Dio
"...these open him up to show what a great guitar player he is, and to give himself a space to go to that makes him proud as well." - Dio
"Ronnie likes a lot of guitar, so it's great for me. I can get back into playing solos again." - Tony Iommi
if you don't believe me, feel free to go buy it or watch it if you have it..?</cite>

Well that’s also pretty rich of Iommi to say as well, considering he always called the majority of the shots within the band, and if having more solo time, or playing whatever it was he wanted to express through the guitar had something to do with Ozzy as a vocalist, or saying Ozzy was some kind of hindrance to him as a guitar player is a load of s***, sorry but I call it like I see it.

<strong>where...hailfax said:</strong><cite> Ozzy the front man wasn't there to carry the load anymore? Iommi knew Dio and they talked even before Ozzy left. By the time he left, Dio was in the band quickly, and Iommi did know that his bands direction would change prior.</cite>

I am fully aware of all that my friend, and I was there during those days, and followed those events as they unfolded, I don’t need any book by any roadie, not that it wouldn’t be a good read maybe, but most of Sabbaths history I am pretty aware of just by simply living it, again sorry if I come off as an a**hole, but in most instances what you read isn’t always necessarily the 100% truth of things, or exactly how they may have unfolded, on this you should trust me.

<strong>where...hailfax said:</strong><cite> Yea, I do agree that Ozzy does have a better stage presence, even to this day. So that does add to Ozzy's qualities and uniqueness. Of course people favor Ozzy over Dio, which is a shame in my opinion. I think they both have so much to offer and I think that Dio is underrated only because he wasn't the in the original Sabbath.</cite>

I agree with you 100% on all that, my only thing is Dio isn’t Ozzy, no more than Ozzy is a John Lennon, and so on. All I want understood is that to even compare them together in the first place is kind of ridiculous, and I wish that Dio had never sang for Sabbath, because if that had been the case Dio may have went a whole lot further in his career, and yes sadly he is only remembered by a lot of people as the guy who was hired to replace Ozzy.

Before I sign off, please understand this, I bought all those albums, including Dio’s solo years, and I loved them all, and I had a blast listening to them, but in the end I simply out grew it, as for Ozzy with Sabbath, or solo, that is something in which I will never out grow, for Christ sake he’s a living f***in legend, nuff said I would think????

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>