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well I love ya bro, and I agree with you to a point OzzyJohn, but if Ozzy is/was so incapable of writing lyrics, or contributing with a co-writer, then how do you explain this so called flaw as being some kind of hinderance to his career, because not to be a dick, but Ozzy out weighs most artists when it comes to his career, and that includes kicking Dio's ass as well.

Some of Dio's lyrics are awesome, in other words when he hits a home run its outta the park, but when he doesnt, it can really stink up the joint is all I'm going to say. Again its a matter of taste, and what your willing to over look, for me Dio is part of my adolesance, I left him behind. Now that doesnt mean I dont like the man, or I dont recognize his achevments, it just means basiclly I out grew Ronnie James dio..

For those of you that still get that rush, well by all means have at it, but for me I see it as my childhoods past, no more, an no less.

Peace all!

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>