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You seem pretty angry buddy. Sorry...I would consider this a friendly debate. I hope you don't mind if I use your technique.

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong> <cite>And once again for you to swallow that load of bulls*** from these guys all these years after the fact of Ozzy being fired from Sabbath, again shows a bias point of view on your part, no offence taken please</cite>

I dont see what that is supposed to mean. Are you saying Dio and Iommi are not on good terms with Ozzy these days??? I don't get it...

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong> <cite> Well that’s also pretty rich of Iommi to say, considering he always called the majority of the shots within the band, and if having more solo time, or playing whatever it was he wanted to express through the guitar had something to do with Ozzy as a vocalist, or saying Ozzy was some kind of hindrance to him as a guitar player is a load of s***, sorry but I call it like I see it.</cite>

Yea, Iommi did call the shots. To be honest, I don't know what to say the time Ozzy left and Dio joined, somehow Tony's playing was more energentic, refreshed and different. I don't know why that is. <cite>"Ronnie likes a lot of guitar, so it's great for me. I can get back into playing solos again.".</cite> By that statement alone, I'm under the impression that Ozzy did have an influence on his playing...but yes I know that's a stupid thing to think. Maybe his playing was to accommodate Dio's lyrics or vocals...I don't know man.

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong> <cite> but if Ozzy is/was so incapable of writing lyrics, or contributing with a co-writer</cite>

Nobody said that.

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong> <cite>I wish that Dio had never sang for Sabbath, because if that had been the case Dio may have went a whole lot further in his career.</cite>

He did go further in his career, with the Sabs.

You seem to be living in the past and relying on your experiences 30+ years ago to back up your statements, which, I might add, is how you "call it like you see it." Seeing as how Black Sabbath said a lot of this stuff, against your word, I think it's pretty obvious who's side I'm going to take.

It's not ridiculous to compare the two knowing that they both have so many qualities. I can easily listen to Ozzy or Dio all day. You can't ignore the fact that just because Dio wasn't the original, that his voice had no place in the Black Sabbath name. It sounds like your a fan of only Ozzy and not the band. Tony, Geezer, (Bill) were still in Sabbath once Ozzy left, but why mostly follow Ozzy's career and not the rest of the band? Because there's a new singer or the lyrics or the vocals or Tony's playing? I know I'm gonna get nailed for that comment...Not to you, but to me, everything recorded with Dio was just as strong as with Ozzy.

Yea Ozzy is a living legend. And so is Dio. btw thank you for fixing my sloppy typing in the last paragraph.