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i totally agree. Dio sucks. I don't think they should have kept the name Black Sabbath when Dio joined the band. Sabbath without Ozzy is not Sabbath. Dio sounds like a f***ing whiny hair metal pussy. I cannot get into any of the other Sabbath singers. Black Sabbath replacing Ozzy with Dio would be like if The Beatles had replaced John Lennon with someone who sounded like The Beach Boys. To me a band's singer is the band's centerpiece and the band's identity. If the singer is replaced it will no longer sound like the same band. guitarists, drummers, or bassists can be changed, and while it may effect the sound of the band, they can still sound similar enough that most people who liked the band before will continue to like them. A singer is a whole other story. Someone with a voice as unique as Ozzy's cannot be replaced. They should have at least tried to find someone with a similar style, not someone who sounds like a f***ing hair metal singer. If you like Dio, fine, but that's my opinion.