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One more small piece in my collection


Part of school project I had done and kept this. Yay.

Now....there is MANY MANY MANY more things in my collection but I don't have the patience or the time to take pictures of all of it! I have all of the albums (CDs) including the boxset, around 20 shirts and more comming, many other posters and pictures hanging around my room. In my pictures it doesn't look like I have much but I honestly do and I am only I have ALOT of time to collect and improve my Ozzy collection but in my opinion, but only seriously collection for about a year and a half...I think I've been doing pretty well!


Wish I had that much stuff for my area... dang so jealous...
Randy Rhoads left us to soon, but he will still always live in our hearts as long as someone some where remembers him or has a copy of his music he will live.

Ozzy rules!

WOAH my GOD ur more obsessed than i thought!!! well done awesome collection!!!! *jealous* and good drawing lol!!! ive done 1 will hav 2 upload it sometime......(ps im the same madozzyfan from utube n im 14!!! yaaay go young Ozzy fans! we WILL spread his genius to the next generation!!!!)
I love you....I love you more than life itself but you're all f***in mad!!! -Ozzy Osbourne

thanks, ive been getting more stuff like more programs and the Bark at the Moon singing doll and i almost had the bible of ozz but i diddnt have an extra $180! =D