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I dunno... Randy was an absolute crazy awesome guitarist! Zakk is way amazing too though. but i guess if i had to choose i'd choose Randy. He was the first guitarist i ever heard that just totally blew my mind. its amazing, the talent some people posess. my first Ozzy CD was Blizzard of Ozz too so. i think its cuz i heard Randy Rhoads first.
Ozzy's voice is like the soundtrack of my life!! my mom listens to Ozzy...sometimes. at least she used to wen i was younger. so i've kinda heard him since i was like really small. 4 or 5 ish maybe. The first song that caught my attention was Crazy Train.
"Crazy, I just can not bear. I'm living with something that just isn't fair."
It's funny.... we were at a school dance one time and Crazy Train came on. All my friends were like why do they still play all this God damned 80's s***. I was like hey guys first of all f*** you. second this is Ozzy! and then i just started singing all the words and dancing like a phsyco.

Goodbye to Romance. Goodbye to Friends.
Goodbye to all the Past.
I guess that we'll meet,
we'll meet in the end.