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<strong>where...hailfax replied:</strong></cite> It's not ridiculous to compare the two knowing that they both have so many qualities. I can easily listen to Ozzy or Dio all day ect ect……….. </cite>

Well I find it hard to compare any artist directly up against another; it just ends up not being entirely fair to do so. Just as every one of us is different, unique, so is every musician or artist. And I love them all for often entirely different reasons, and most being from different jondras of music, and that’s when it gets really sticky for me. I myself have never made a collation between Dio & Osbourne other than fronting Sabbath, other than that they are two completely different animals. That’s why I stated that I wish Dio hadn’t of filled Ozzy’s shoes, if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be having this wearisome conversation with you now.

I am a fan of the band, but you are correct I am a major fan of Osbourne, in other words when I first heard Sabbath it wasn’t just the killer riffs of Iommi that grabbed me by the boo boo, it wasn’t the incredible bass playing of geezer Butler, or the tribal drumming of Bill Ward, thats alone is not what had me coming back time & time again, nope! It was those vocals that made my hair stand up on end, and it is still true to this day, just as Lennon had, there is something special about Ozzy’s voice, for whatever reason it just speaks to the masses, and I cant imagine going my entire life not having known of it, as I am sure I’m not alone in that analogy..

I disagree with you on the music of Dio with Sabbath, sorry friend but if I had but one album to have to listen to for all eternity and my two choices to pick from were Paranoid, or Heaven and Hell, well Paranoid wins it hands down!

If you love them both equally, well that’s great for you, you've lost absolutely nothing, but you’re a minority as you might suspect, most prefer Osbourne as opposed to Dio, and that’s just an actual fact. For me I followed Sabbath a while after Ozzy, the Dio albums, but to be honest I bailed after that. Call me shallow if you want, but as awesome as Iommi and the band were, it wasn’t enough for me without Osbourne being there. And it would appear except for a few of you, that is most commonly the case, some of you have continued to remain a fan of the Sabbath catalog, but I just couldn’t find the same satisfaction in it after not just Ozzy being fired, but then Dio was replaced. In my opinion I feel that Iommi should have dropped using the Sabbath name. From what I have heard, his excuse is that he couldn’t due to label contracts. Whatever the case may be, I have always felt that Iommi kind of beat an old horse to death, and that he would have been taken far more seriously if he had dropped the Sabbath name and just went solo. But again we all have our own personal views on all that, and it’s safe to say no one fan feels exactly the same.

An I was fully aware of that fact Ozzyjohn, lmao @ the whole children of the sea/grave issue. Damn! I needed a good laugh, and that sure did it!