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<strong>where...hailfax replied:</strong></cite> He did go further in his career, with the Sabs.</cite>

I am talking about from the beginning of his career obviously, all the way up to present day. Dio is recognized, but I would hope you’re aware enough of the fact that he is no Osbourne. I think his being in Sabbath kind of f***ed up the longevity of his career, his being taken as seriously as he should have been. Dio, like a lot of bands of yester year have been left behind in a sense, metal matured, it grew and has evolved. Guys like Dio have been dropped by the wayside for artists like Tool, Pantera, or a present day Lamb of God. Dio is an old flame from the past, and I am sure record sales reflect that fact, I’m sorry but I find it hard to buy that Dio has managed to outsell any of these mentioned artists in the last few years he has tried to stay a figure in today’s metal scene. I love Dio, I do admire him, but I am not naive in my view of the modern metal scene, do you understand?

As for living in the past, well that’s kind of funny, and as for my age playing a factor as to how I recall things, sure it plays a small part in it all, but in my defense I have read many interviews throughout my lifetime, and I also exercise my own personal judgment on the information I have acquired. There have been many times I have heard Ozzy blow s*** off, and thought just that, he’s talking out of his ass again, and that’s the thing you have to keep in mind, we all talk s*** from time to time. If you choose to believe all that you hear from any one of these artists as the absolute gospel on how things went, then my advice is you shouldn’t allow yourself to be that gullible, because you can’t always stock in what you hear, or read, no matter who the author may be. I am not asking you to pick sides, I am saying think for yourself, weigh the information out and come to your own conclusions on things, with that being done obviously opinions and views will differ, because neither of us were there first hand, who knows what things may have occurred during the turbulent years of Black Sabbath, all those facts we may never truly know for sure.