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<strong>where...hailfax replied:</strong></cite> Yea, Iommi did call the shots, ect ect…..</cite>

Look I am sure that Iommi may have done things differently with Dio, but I don’t think Ozzy and Iommi’s past relationship played all that big of a part in how Iommi choose to play guitar. As for Dio loving lots of guitars, well that’s great, but the same can be as easily said of Osbourne. Ozzy while with Sabbath did not hog the songs and fill them entirely with vocals, per beat, per measure of music; in fact old Sabbath is filled with astounding guitar solos, and riffs, minus any vocals for large periods of time throughout the song. And as for Ozzy solo, he has had some of the most world famous guitarist play for him, and all of them got to show their stuff, so I think its safe to say Ozzy is not as insecure enough as to bully, or mandate how much guitar time, solo time any given guitar play may have, or not have on his albums. Once again am just confused as all hell on this even being a real issue for Iommi, just confused by that statement in general.

Scapegoat said: but if Ozzy is/was so incapable of writing lyrics, or contributing with a co-writer.

<strong>where...hailfax replied:</strong></cite> Nobody said that.</cite>

Look it is brought up here, time & time again that Ozzy has either allowed a fellow band member, or collaborated with another member on the lyrics for his songs. So I was responding to OzzyJohn on that comment. And here is what I am getting at, and maybe it will slow down so many people throwing that fact out there as if it has any real merit. I think it’s safe to say Elvis Presley was the king of rock-n-roll, that his career was incredible, and that his celebrity status goes beyond any that were doing it in his day, all the way up to present day, he is beyond legend. So with that said its no secret that Elvis wrote very few of his own actual songs, most of his library of music was written by someone else or he did covers. Now my point is this, how is it that Ozzy should be viewed any differently, why should his accomplishments be any less in anyone’s eyes? They shouldn’t, Ozzy has not only a unique voice, but an incredible amount of charisma, & stage presence more so than any front man dead, or alive. It just makes my ass tired that people throw that out there as if it has any real significance with him being a great vocalist/singer, like his vocals aren’t enough to make him the rock god he is today, that he must lack talent, or is inferior to those that do write their own material. So if you don’t look at him as any less for having out side help, or co-writers, then why the f*** is it even brought up? This also confuses the s*** right out of me, am I alone???