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Not angry at all my friend, and I would be flattered if you use my technique, it helps me to keep my rebuttals straight when I am writing them out, as well as when I am proof reading. Also I am sorry if you think I am angry, and sorry if that’s what you’re picking up on, if it’s because I use profanity from time to time, well I apologize but that’s how I roll in real life, and if we was to be seated together one on one I would speak to you in the same manner. Of course then you would understand that I am not angry, because you could hear the tone of my voice and pick up on that fact all on your own. So rest assured, this is a friendly debate, and I am always up to a friendly argument, via my responding to your original post.

Listen I love Iommi, and all the original guys of Sabbath, and as I stated earlier, no one member is solely responsible for the success of Black Sabbath. As for Iommi’s statements that Dio allows him a greater freedom to play guitar, or that he inspires him, I can buy into that to a certain point, but as a fellow guitar player, a lot of the inspiration comes from deep down inside, so Dio may have lite a flame under Iommi’s ass to go for it with a little bit more gusto, especially with his obvious concerns whether long time fans would welcome Dio into the fold, but to say that Ozzy was some kind of hindrance on his guitar time, work, whatever, is kind of a full of s*** statement, and maybe I am taking it out of context, and maybe if I was to actually hear the interview I would understand a bit better, I don’t know??

<strong>where...hailfax replied:</strong></cite> I don’t see what that is supposed to mean. Are you saying Dio and Iommi are not on good terms with Ozzy these days??? I don't get it...</cite>

I know they are on good terms, but each has his own recollection of how things went, and the drug haze that they were all in back then doesn’t help make ones memory all so clear, so what I am saying is Iommi may see things a certain way, as to where others that were there may see it another. And it’s all well and good for Iommi to say how he felt way back then, or what he was thinking at the time, but as time goes by you tend to believe in things that aren’t always 100% built on actual fact, time tends to romanticize things a bit if you get my point. And that goes for all of them, including Mr. Ozzy Osbourne.

Since I have started this discussion/debate with you I couldn’t help but think about it a little more, and I really don’t get Iommi’s statement, or let’s say I am confused by it at the very least. Why? Because one of the major fundamental factors of me loving my Sabbath as much as I did/do wasn’t just purely the vocals of Ozzy Osbourne, it was also due to those long, deep ass instrumentals that Iommi would do on almost every album, and every song. In other words it didn’t get boring, because Iommi would change the direction of the song multiple times through out its duration, via it not getting tiresome, or repetitive. So I personally don’t understand how Iommi could say working with Ozzy, Dio, whomever, had that profound of an effect on how he played, or how he constructed his songs. As for maybe inspiring him by it being new and fresh, thus exciting him, making it easier for him to come up with riffs he was happy with, maybe thats the case, who really knows? Again we could debate this forever, because neither one of us are Iommi, Dio, or Osbourne. I hope you see a little more clearly where it is that I am shooting from, and I am not being mean, just trying not to be bias myself here, if you get what I mean?