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Woah...that was a lot. My bad..I was picking up on anger, but you've proven me wrong!

I only have time to respond to two of your comments that I feel most important:

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong><cite> Now my point is this, how is it that Ozzy should be viewed any differently, why should his accomplishments be any less in anyone’s eyes? They shouldn’t, Ozzy has not only a unique voice, but an incredible amount of charisma, & stage presence more so than any front man dead, or alive. It just makes my ass tired that people throw that out there as if it has any real significance with him being a great vocalist/singer, like his vocals aren’t enough to make him the rock god he is today, that he must lack talent, or is inferior to those that do write their own material.</cite>

I didn't mean to imply that just because Ozzy wasn't the lyricist, it would take away from him overall as an artist, nor would I ever think that. Earlier, I was merely pointing out how you compared Dio's lyrics to Ozzy's lyrics, when clearly, Geezer was the lyricist. And it had nothing to do with saying that Ozzy had less talent cause he wasn't a writer. But of course, Ozzy has written his share throughout his career.

<strong>Scapegoat said:</strong><cite> If you love them both equally, well that’s great for you, you've lost absolutely nothing, but you’re a minority as you might suspect, most prefer Osbourne as opposed to Dio, and that’s just an actual fact.</cite>

I agree. Unlike you, I didn't get to live those early years. At first, I was into Ozzy, and when I found the link between him and Black Sabbath, jesus f*** blew my mind. So, I was a fan of solo Ozzy and Sabbath Ozzy. And because I was into his solo stuff longer, when I found out there were other singers after he left Sabbath, I just dismissed them for years because I was loyal to Ozzy. Out of curiosity, I just kept playing the Dio era to see how he was, even though I had heard it before. Suddenly I became addicted, not only to his vocals, but I had a better appreciation for Tony and the band as well. I find that as each year passes, Dio's fan base grows, escpecially with the recent Heaven and Hell tour and more people are becoming aware of not only Ozzy, but Dio too. Just my opinion...

Honestly, I don't like Tony Martin as a singer for Sabbath, just like you and Dio. But I do listen to his era often, mostly because of Tony Iommi. Personally, I could care less how terrible a singer is (to an extent), but I listen to the band as a whole because original members are still in the band, of which I am a fan. Oops, didn't mean Martin is a bad singer, just not right for the Sabs.

If you're wondering who I prefer, no doubt it's Ozzy, but Ronnie James Dio comes up right behind his ass.

Sorry for my lack of response...I'm pretty tired right now, plus my brain isn't swimming with that many thoughts. I do know what you're saying throughout, and you have maybe changed my perspective on things, but not entirely.

And here's an off topic question. Have you seen Ozzy yet for this tour? If you have, how was he? If you haven't, I'll tell you next month when I see him!! hahah

Well, I'm out. Good night for now and if I'm not here tomorrow, Merry Christmas.