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Yes i have! i could watch them again and again!! i could stay on youtube for hours just watching interviews and music videos and live performances. But the thing is, after watching all the s*** about Ozz that i watch, i've come to appreciate the Ozzy on stage and the Ozzy/John off stage. you know what i mean? The crazy mad man and the normal guy. either way dont matter to me...I LOVE BOTH!!!
I haven't been to a concert. YET. I will go! no if's I WILL! it would be fun if we went together.
The thing about Ozzy is he knows how to get a crowd going! He knows how to give the people what they're asking for!
Have you heard the remake Ozzy and Slash(from guns and roses) made of that song In My Life? wicked good song.
and i've mixed these up but I LOVE THESE SONGS! SO MUCH! i listen to them literally every single day!

p.s. you mean the song?? i love the song cuz its true and honest. i was trying to get my cousin to listen to it last night. but she would have no part in it.

and if you mean the album......I f***ING LOVE IT! some people were complaining that some songs were slow. I think its some of the best s*** Ozz has ever done!
Why? What do you think?

Goodbye to Romance. Goodbye to Friends.
Goodbye to all the Past.
I guess that we'll meet,
we'll meet in the end.