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<strong>Halfex said:</strong><cite> I didn't mean to imply that just because Ozzy wasn't the lyricist, it would take away from him overall as an artist, nor would I ever think that. .</cite>

I realize that you personally never really made that assumption/statement, but all to often people will manage to mention that trivial fact as if it is somehow a discredit to Ozzy, and many times in the past when it has been brought up, well it inadvertently only manages to come off as kind of a backhanded compliment. To me unless mentioning that fact has any real bearing on the conversation at hand, or is a vital part of the thread, then why even mention it in the first place??? I feel at times it is indeed justified, but at other times, well its just unnecessary if you ask me.

<strong>Halfex said:</strong><cite> I agree. Unlike you, I didn't get to live those early years. At first, I was into Ozzy, and when I found the link between him and Black Sabbath, jesus f*** blew my mind. Ect, ect...........</cite>

<cite>Honestly, I don't like Tony Martin as a singer for Sabbath, just like you and Dio. But I do listen to his era often, mostly because of Tony Iommi. Personally, I could care less how terrible a singer is (to an extent), but I listen to the band as a whole because original members are still in the band, of which I am a fan. Oops, didn't mean Martin is a bad singer, just not right for the Sabs.</cite>

I understand your position with how, and in what chronicle order you discovered Ozzy’s music playing a factor into what you think of the later incarnations of Black Sabbath. For me I discovered Ozzy while he was still with Sabbath, and sadly not to long after I had discovered him, and the whole Sabbath thing, he was fired/replaced with Dio. And like I said I bought those albums with Dio, and I was happy with them in the sense that the band was carrying on, but when Dio bailed, I jumped ship for good. OzzyJohn has mentioned many times that I should go back and give Tony Martin another whirl, which I did here awhile back, but as usual as soon as the vocals start I just crumble, and as always it comes down to the fact that I just cant handle it enough to look past it, and within a few short choruses I find myself shutting it completely off. Maybe if you could subtract the vocals entirely I could sit through the great guitar work an all, in fact I am sure I would enjoy the music portion of those songs, but the vocals are way to 80’s out for me, cheesy, and juvenile for me in the end. Sorry OzzyJohn, but you’re a better man than me when it comes to doing all that s***, lmao….

For me its strange when it comes to vocals, there are artists that I listen to & love that most people would pass on because of the whole growling thing, as for me I enjoy it, of course when it really works in conjunction to what the band is doing. But if a band is going to have a traditional vocalist, well then they really have to offer something, either new, or unique in order for me to tune completely in. And I am not saying perfect, just that it has character, and stands out among the competition that’s out there. A vocalist doesn’t have to be perfect in the sense that they can sing any jondra, or any style, just that it has character, and sincerity, for example Les Claypool doesn’t have the ideal vocal sound, and his music is as silly as hell, but it works within the perimeters of his band, and even though it seems light hearted lyrically at times, very often there is a heavier message to be found within. As to some of the old school vocals like, Tony Martin, Dio, or an Axl Rose, that style of vocals has become dated to me, and is now being proven true with the fact that the younger generation is now mimicking it, and finding it cool. As my parents said, about every couple of generations things tend to make a full circle. Since I hated most metal music in the 80’s, this happening with the new generation of bands is not a real pleasurable occurrence for me, and one that I pray will be short to endure lol! So when you say that Dio’s fan base is growing, it is my belief this may be partly the reason as to why.

As to your question of my seeing Ozzy on this latest tour, well I have not seen Ozzy since Ozzfest here in St. Louis, and as for seeing the new tour with Zombie, well it isn't coming. If I want to catch one of those shows the closest venue for me is almost 4 hours away, talk about a complete bummer, trust me it is!!

And ya let me know how my boy sounds, looks, always curious about all that.

I really miss the old fart, I wish that club show was coming here, considering I pitched a fit, asked for this very thing to happen, posted a request for it in the ozzfest portion of the forums as far back as June, titled "Dear Ozzy please read". Now I get a club tour, but it’s a hella trip for me to make in order to do so, it seems I just can’t win! lmao!

PS" Have any of you heard the band Killswitch Engage version of Dio’s "Holy Diver"???? Not to shabby, but I think I prefer the original version,of course!

Throwing my devil horns into the air \m/