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Black Rain

Black Rain is, in my opinion, Ozzy's best yet. I absolutly love the album and listen to it at least once a day. I dont wanna stop is truly a pagan anthum for those of us who are pagan/wiccan and are sick of the bible bashers backbiting eachother when they ain't out to burn us at the steak.
I'l be there is also a most beautiful love song that I identifie with a lot cause I was paralized in a near deadly car wreck and my 30 sontthing husband is stil with me and careing for me. Not many men would do that, so in truth, this is our song.
It also says a lot for Ozzy as a man that in all these years when every other celebrity has went through spouses like dirty underware hes stil with his wife. He's a hell of a man, our rick god, and someone fr other men to look up too.
Never stop Ozzy and rock till you drop. Our wqrld wouldn't be right without you.


i would have to agree

it is my favourite of them all.

usually anyone who says its s*** has not listened to it at all. dorks

i know!!! i love that album! i listen to the cd every single day. cant function without it!!!! i hav it on my ipod too!!!!!!! love it soo much!

Yes. I AM totally insane.