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Right f****n on! :)

The world is corrupt; big business is corrupt ... there are reasons why I don't go to Starbucks (the free trade of coffee), and why I purchase all of my media at indie record shops and bookstores.

All of this garbage within big business ... it all adds up to giant negative ripple effects within society. Why are so many people homeless? Why is the US healthcare system so effin screwed up (Europe and Canada get it free, while we charge outrageous prices for unnecessary surgeries and throw you out on your ass if you can't pay for necessary procedures)? Why do our leaders care so little for special education (I grew up in special ed, so this is an issue extremely close to my heart)? Why are our so-called political leaders touting short-term solutions to the environment which in reality will cause much greater harm in the long-term? Why are blacks and latinos the most opressed groups in America, while the richest people recieve the best treatment?

Because some boneheaded moron decided to hike souvenir prices "during" a concert!

Take Political Science, y'all.