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DC Show

Just saw the show in DC on Saturday and figured I would give you all a review. Rob Zombie and his band were great and looked like they were having a really good time together on stage. There were clips of horror videos playing in the background for the entire set. Later in his set Rob Zombie walked around the entire floor of the Verizon center and went up into the lower levels in a couple of spots.
The songs I knew were Living Dead Girl, More Human than Human, Dragula, Thunder Kiss 65 ( I Think). I would definitely see Rob Zombie again.

After the set change, Ozzy hits the stage with Black Rain. After the first song he tells us that he is sick but was going to do the best he could. He did not sound great, but he was trying to give us a good show and all in all he did not dissapoint. The highlight of our night was when Mike came out during Zack's guitar solo and gave some drum sticks to the some people. When he was walking back my 10 year old son got his attention. Mike went back onstage and brought back a drumstick and tossed it up to my son. (Thanks Mike) The bass tech was cool and handed my son a pick also, so thank you to him also. Ozzy looked like he was really having a good time onstage, espcially when he was spraying foam all over everyone in the first 10-15 rows. The show ended with an encore of Paranoid. It was not the best Ozzy show I have ever seen, but my 10 year old will tell you different and that's all that matters to me. Thanks Ozzy and crew.

Jack B.


Sounds great. I'll be at the Philly show on Thursday with my 10 and 15 year olds. I've seen him a bunch but It'll be their first time seeing Ozzy. They're just as excited for this as they were for X-mas, its funny.
We wont be close enough to get in on the action but hopefully they can see better from the second level.

How about a setlist? Is he still palying Into The Void?? I am only going cause I saw that and a few other different songs on the setlist a few weeks back.

I can give you what I remember. Not necessarily in order. I don't think he played Into The void.

I Don't Want to Stop
Crazy Train
Black Rain
Bark At the Moon
Mama Im coming Home
Suicide Solution
I Don't Know
I Dont Want to Change the world
Road to Nowhere
No more tears
Mr Crowley