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Hey hows it going?

Im new to this forum and wanted to use this first post to promote my band Black Star Ritual.

4 piece metal band from the Highlands of Scotland, UK


Also does anyone on these forums actually know any band members from Ozzy's crew past and present?

Remember Ozzy's ex-keyboard player John Sinclair??
Im lucky enough to actually know the guy :D

Lol so yeah end of post.


any way i can hear you guys? a sample ? I'm from canada,i'm a drummer also(love metal/Hate hiphop,rap crap!jon.fairfield@sympatico.ca)
im looking for musician info(who is really playing drums and bass on blizzard and " diary of a madman.who am i listening to on released copys of the cds

Hey we only just finished the recording and mixing of our new cd which is coming out soon. Hopefully we should have a song or two up in the next month or so when the cd will be released available for purchase. Sorry man but I am also unsure of the Drummers and Bass Players who play on those albums......