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Best Concert You've Seen

What was the best concert you've ever been to?

Mine was Guns N' Roses. Unfortunately, it was the new GNR, but still, they were f***ing great. The night started at 8:00pm with Die Mannequin hitting the stage, followed by the Suicide Girls and Skid Row's Sebastian Bach soon after. Apparently Axl arrived in my city one hour before hitting the stage at midnight and rocking till 2am. GNR started off with the opening riff of Welcome to The Jungle played repeatedly till everyone was on their feet, followed by Axl's trademark screech. The Trailer Park Boys made a special apearance too, and a duet with Axl and Bach on My Michelle. The pyro, two guitar solos (with the Canadian national anthem), Dizzy's piano solo of Like a Hurricane. There was also a classic Axl moment where he walked off stage and had some guy in the audience kicked out by security because he was dressed like Slash, but returned back in time to finish the song. I guarantee that anything I see will never top that day.

Once again, I'm asking the best concert you've seen, not your favourite band you've seen.


in the eighties sydney was shameful for any decent metal.but like you the 90's it picked up a bit.mainly all the bands play at the sydney entertainment centre where your allocated a seat and your not allowed to move.there are other venues where you can be free range(imagine that 30 thousand free range gimps).


We had not good gigs in the past, but since 90's most of bands include Mexico in their tours so I would say it's a good place for concerts! There are good places, fit for music but there's a popular place called Sports Palace where the sound is not that good, but well, I don't claim

but still not many bands come to australia


ande ozzy has been here recently so has iron maiden ----BUT im a family man and have family commitments,,but in the 80's and early nineties i went to my fair tthe moment i get by by buying cd's ---im not winging im a family first kind of guy any way hows mexico for gigs


I think Judas Priest was in Australia last september???

im jealous because in australia not many bands come down unless they have a defiate crowd ,for the cash flow i spose..the one gig that did impress me was meatloaf(yeah i know its meatloaf but i was given a free ticket).and y that impressed me was the day before he broke his leg but still hobbled around and sang his lungs out .it was in a small club packed to the rafters with people and it just had a realy good feel(or maybe i got a realy good feel ha ha ha)...that was back in the eighties

Ozzman were you there??? I can't believe it!!! Congratulations!

When Ozzy Played At Boudakon in Japan.....Even though it was on DVD still F**kn Great

I've seen so many over the last 35 years it's hard to pick one out.

Kansas (Point of Know Return tour) w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section
Rush (2112 tour)
Triumph (Just a Game tour) w/ Face Dancer
Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell tour) w/ Blue Oyster Cult
Ozzy Osbourne (Diary of a Madman tour) w/ Rory Gallagher
Sammy Hagar (Trans Am tour) w/ Scorpions (Lovedrive tour)
Rainbow (Difficult to Cure tour) w/ Pat Travers and Krokus
Scorpions (Animal Maganetism tour) w/ Girlschool (?)
Dio (Holy Diver tour)
Iron Maiden (Killers tour)(in a bar)
Deep Purple (Perfect Strangers tour)
Heaven and Hell (Dio Years tour) w/ Alice Cooper and Queensryche (H&H was great, but Alice was definitely the highlight)
And just saw Nine Inch Nails last week, and that was a fantastic show.

Mine is... it's difficult.....
Judas Priest- Angel of Retribution tour, 2005

I ve been to see the pogues live twice, and i have to say they were brilliant!

I was lucky enough to catch system of a down opening up for slayer on their Diabolus In Musica tour, system's first album hadn't even been released yet. System stomped ass, and when that show was over everybody knew who they were, lol.

But my all time fav show is Ozzy coming out of his retirement tour, with Fear Factory opening up, also an extra added bonus was Ozzy had Geezer with him on that tour, it is etched in my mind for all f***in time, great show, and one I will never forget!

It was in St. Louis at the old American theater, I really, really loved that venue because it was old and had the balconies with the red curtains & brass rails, as well as the bad ass statues in the corners of the ceiling, all the wood work was in the old style gothic looking trim, man it was a perfect show, through & through!

Later all


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

I haven't been to very many concerts, but one of the best moments was Aerosmith at an outdoor concert. It was raining just enough, lights flashing and Steve Tyler spinning up the walk, singing Love In An Elevator. It f*%$@ rocked, even if your not a fan, it was amazing.

well mine was this past year on 3/17 my bday when we got to see THE Black Label Society in charlotte. nothin like seeing your fav band on your bday w/ a bar full of friends and family. startin it out w/ New Religion and ending w/ Stillborn! and lets not forget a little band from NC called Sanctity man were they great also!

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
Bleed Black Label Society

Thats cool outlaw, its nice when you have a great event/show to help make your b-day even more special. I have never been lucky enough to have a great band playing on my b-day, not yet anyway, but there is still time for it, I think, I believe there is life after 40, lmao!



<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

and ozzfest was 2 days after the wifes! last year was awesome! so HERES TO THIS ONE! and many, many more! and to GOAT finally gettin his wish at 41!
*raises glass*

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
Bleed Black Label Society

Why thank you, thank you very much!

That was my best Elvis impersonation by the way, lmao...........



<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

My favorite show?

As far as Ozzy concerts:

Diary of a Madman - that friggin' stage show was spectacular. Ozzy rolled forward on a throne at top of the stairs. Surrounded by three huge gothic arches spanning the entire stage. After he rose and ran down the stairs to the stage, smoke poured out from the top of the stairs as the throne rolled back and Tommy Aldridge’s drums were driven up by elevator from beneath the stairs into view. Tommy pounded out in his own double bass style the opening to Over The Mountain and the band ripped into song.

What a way to start a show. Still remember it to this day.

Scape: Was that in '92 or something? Omg I've seen videos, and I bet it was a f***ing good show. I would have loved to see the earlier Zakk too. I think Live and Loud was recorded then, I'll have to watch my dvd again cause it's been way too long.

craigster: Does that mean you saw Randy Rhoads perform live?! Holy s*** tell me more!! And I wonder what ever happened to Tommy Aldrigde. Now I shall watch After Hours

Yes, I've seen:

Randy, Bernie Tormey (I think he only did three shows), Brad Gillis, Jake E. Lee (AKA Jakie Lou Williams) and Zakk.

Yes...I'm old....

Regrettably I missed Randy, bums me out to the core every time I think about it. My parents were like Nazi Germany back when that all went down, my high school years really, really sucked for me folks!

So due to them, "THE PARENTS" I never got to experience the Randy years up close an personal, to those of you that got to, I hope you all realize just how lucky you all were, man you people suck, joking of course.

Oh an Doom I was a bit hazy on what year that all went down in, CoUgH, cOuGh, if you catch my drift, lmao!

So I went and checked up on it, it was in 95 if my source is correct, and it was called "The Retirement Sucks Tour". Good times, goooooood times I must say!

Oh as far as getting to see a fallen hero, happily I did get to see Cliff Burton on the Master's tour, it wasn't long after he was killed in that f***ed up bus accident, man it really piped when I found out.

My boy Cliff rocks always, and forever!



<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>