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It is a good idea to cull the local talent but as usual, our local radio station is dropping the ball. One of the local bands in the running describe themselves as "folk-rock/pop". I've seen Ozzy with Anthrax, BLS with Strapping Young Lad, but here in Halifax, I get "Faded Blue"? WTF? Go to the contenders respective websites and listen to a couple of samples. I doesn't look good. I've never seen acts like these on an Ozzy bill. Ever.

Edit: I actually got to speak to the program director at the local station. He says he's well aware of the challenges for bands like this on this kind of bill. He too thinks it's going to be interesting to how they fare. It seems these bands have pushed for the slot and really believe they can pull off an Ozzy warm-up slot. Now, what makes a self-described "folk-rock/pop" band think they belong there i'll never know - but i've been assured they know what they are in for. Let's see how they stack up to the likes of Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Lamb of God etc. that have opened up for the Ozzman. :p