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I asked a friend in the industry here and he says In This Moment are absolutely playing here. He's always been right for years. Kudos for them to come all the way here in winter for one or two shows. I'm taking my daughter and they are absolutely perfect for this bill (if we can't have Rob Zombie!). I pray In This Moment can find a way to play the second Halifax show. While they may be good in their own right, the local bands Q104 has picked as potential openers are so out-of-place on an Ozzy bill it's crazy. None of them list Sabbath as an influence, that's for sure. They are self-described "folk-rock/indie-pop" bands and the samples on their website are disheartening to say the least - for an Ozzy opening slot. Maybe if Celine Dion does come back, we can have Motorhead open up!