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Toronto show

The show started with In This Moment. Musically they were pretty tight, their energy level was high, and there was one song towards the end(second last i think) tha i liked a lot. That girl loves to scream(ouch) Picture a female version of Sam Kinison. The rare occasion when she wasn't screaming it was tough to hear her well, but she sounded like she might have a decent voice, going to have to check it out online.I thought Rob Zombie rocked, putting on a fantastic show. His band has great energy as well. The stage show was great, John 5 was tight, and the sound,in my eyes, was much better for Rob than for Ozzy. Ozzy put on a great show as well though. It's pretty incredible that he can still perform the way he does given his age and all he's been through. The sound was ok, better for some songs than others, and his band played great, especially Zakk. Many highlights, with Bark at the Moon being one of them. Paranoid as well, didn't really care to hear it, but enjoyed when they played it. Mama I'm Coming Home sounded great!There are always questions about set lists, but I cannot believe that Oz isn't playing ANYTHING off of Diary. What an amazing album to leave out. However, minor complaint, I had a great time, loved Zombie and Ozzy was better than I expected. Overall loved the show. Ozzy must have said, "I can't hear you" 50 times, and I'm sure Rob Zombie thought about saying it a few. Overall crowd response could've been better, but maybe there it was all of the folks like me (42 y/o) who loved what I was seeing and hearing but don't scream like I used to. Thanks for a great show guys!!!


I wasn't overly impressed. I guess my expectations were too high or something. Not to mention in the past year I've seen Van Halen, Roger Waters, Zappa plays Zappa to name a few shows.

Ozzy's voice was cracking, I don't want excuses either. The set was too short and some of the jerk offs around us needed a shot in the head.

All in all, I guess the show was ok but not as kickass as I was expecting.

Love Ya Ozzy,


I knew what I was expecting before the show, so I guess you have to be a fan to have liked it? Did anyone read the review in the paper from Ben Rayner? He wrote the worst review of Ozzy I've ever read and I think that d***head should have his ass kicked.

Yea man, the Toronto show was crazy. If you want the setlist for In This Moment, it was:

Next Life
Daddy's Falling Angel
Beautiful Tragedy

I must admit, they were pretty f***ing amazing to see live, but too short. Luckily, we got the last show with In This Moment and Rob Zombie ("best for last" as Rob said). That was the first time I saw John 5 live...jesus man, he was f***ing perfect. I pretty much agree with everything you said, and it appeared he cut one more song out of the setlist. Here's the exact set for the January 21st show:

I Don't Wanna Stop
Crazy Train
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
Not Going Away
Road To Nowhere
Bark At The Moon (Solo)
I Don't Know
I Don't Want To Change The World

Mama I'm Coming Home

One thing I f***ing hated, during Zakk's solo, nobody was focusing on it cause of stupid camera guys showing tits on the screen, and each time it happened, the crowd would go crazy with Zakk probably thinking it was from his playing.

pretty wicked set list, i have no problem seeing tits

Yea, but it takes attention away from his solo.

I got ears and eyes LOL jk i know what you mean