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*OFFICIAL Halifax Show Thread*!!!

Alright f***ers we're T-3 days until Ozzy rocks the f***ing roof off the Metro Center. Consider this the official show thread. Post any comments, pre-game plans or anything else relvant to Ozzy in Halifax.

I'll start things off, anyone have any pre-game plans?


Going to maxwell's for a few maybe food then head on up to the craziest night of my life

dude im going to the moncton show! CANT f***ing wait!

Ozzy in Halifax . That is what i am talking about . This has been a long time coming and finally it is here . The Split Crow is where I am starting this party off early Saturday afternoon , along with hopefully about 20 others who should be showing up throughout the day . Hope to see lots of other crazy mother f***ers there .

Kenny Pothier

Only 2 more Sleeps........cant f***ing wait.....

Going to be driving 3+ hours for the show..Going to be worth every minute.....A couple of friends have a room booked down town, A few drinks & away we go...7th Row,Section 50...In front of the stage..Yeaaaaaa, Can't f***ing wait!!!!!!

My Pre Game plan is walk to the show from Agricola st and smoke 2 big fatties,,,,hmm maybe three...maybe try to connect with some of you in the forum......(pls no narcs) LOL. I saw Ozzy in Edmonton in the early 80s (Diary of a madman Tour) and I still have nightmares....good ones....Hope to connect with a few of you before the show.......only 3 more sleeps...

sparky66.....what hotel and room.....we can kick this off right...........a Forum Party....

seen ozzy with Sabbath on Ozzfest 04 and 05 and it was killer, i finally get to see solo ozzy, I DONT KNOW, MR. CROWLEY, SUICIDE SOLUTION, BARK AT THE MOON, CRAZY TRAIN, PARANOID,
i cant wait, i hope he does the sabbath songs he was doing before Xmas.