MARCELLA and ARTHUR getting married at OZZY's Concert!! another picture!! | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

MARCELLA and ARTHUR getting married at OZZY's Concer...

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We are Arthur and Marcella… We love Ozzy since we were Kids!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to meet Ozzy personally to take a picture with him. We came from Brazil to get married on the day of Ozzy’s concert (Toronto, Jan 21st 2008) and we brought the party with us! We even had a big “just married” sign hoping that Ozzy would see it!! Ozzy ‘s music was part of our childhood together and we wanted to celebrate our union with him !!! It was Amazing!! The best wedding party anyone could have!! Thanks Ozzy we hope to meet you some day!!!


Hey, i saw that sign at the concert, thats so f***in cool. you guys rock