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yeah but i Downloaded most of the songs on itunes last as soon as it turned midnight and you could purchase the songs "love to hate" was nowhere to be found...just the "Nightrare" song and i couldnt even get that i didnt have enough money on my account to buy the whole album...i think the "love to hate" was pre-order only. But the smaple of "Nightmare" sounded good.....

Does anybody have any copies of any or all of the bonus tracks??? if so drop me an email at i would be very very interested in trading for them

i have these to trade...

My RareER Ozzy/Sabbath/Related MP3's

One Up The B-Side
Walk On Water(soundtrack version)
No Place For Angels
Dont Blame Me(version one)
Dont Blame Me(version two)
Black Skies(version 1)
Black Skies(version 2 w Niel Schon)
Black Skies(version 3, unreleased)
Party With The Animals
The Liar
Miracle Man(live version from NRFTW remastered)
Whole Worlds Fallin Down
Living With The Enemy
Voodoo Dancer
Back On Earth
Stayin ALive(POD version)
Stayin ALive(unreleased version)
Purple Haze
You Lookin At Me Lookin At You

You Said It All
I Just Want You(live on Letterman)
Fire In The Sky #1
Fire In The Sky #2
So Tired(live 83)
You Lookin At Me Lookin At You(live)
Diary Of A Madman
Over The Mountain
Shot In The Dark(live UK tv)
Bark At The Moon(live Kansas 86)
Blue Sued Shoes(1969)
Changes(live in New Zealand 73)
Can It Be(original Rock & Roll Doctor)
Untitled Song(1974
Scary Dreams
Band Rehearsal(sweden 1983)
Party With The ANimals(live)
Crazy Train(live w/ Randy, first show)
Iron Man/Children Of The Grave(w Randy, first show)
Mr. Crowley(live demo w Randy)
Revelation(live w Randy 81)
Randy solo
Suicide SOlution(live w Randy)
Secret Loser(ultimate ozzy)
I Dont Know(ultimate ozzy)
Thank God FOr The Bomb(ultimate ozzy)
Never Know Why(ultimate ozzy)
Ultimate Sin(ultimate Ozzy)
Bark At The Moon(from POD)
original Junior's Eyes(w Dave Walker...ozzy's original replacement)
Centre Of Eternity(bonus track from Budokan cd)
Lightning Strikes
Secret Loser(reprise live)
All Moving Parts Stand Still(sabbath)
Electric Sleep(sabbath)
Paranoid(live at LIVE AID)
War Pigs(w Gillen)

Live/Alt. Lyrics:
Bark At The Moon
Rock & Roll Rebel
Centre Of Eternity
Hand Of Doom
Black Sabbath
iron Man
Tomorrow's Dream
Killing Yourself To Live
War Pigs(basement tapes)

Bark At The Moon
Waiting For Darkness
You're No Different
Steal Away
No Bone Movies(porno version)
Over The Mountain
Time After Time
Mama Im Coming Home
Wont Be Coming Home(original SIN)
See You On The Other Side
Old LA Tonight
I Just Want You
Perry Mason
Perry Mason(original beginning)
Walk On Water(demo version on POD)
Facing Hell(no vocals #1)
Facing Hell(no vocals #2)
Bang Bang(early version of Facing Hell)
Mrs. J(Zakk's demo for Ozzy)
A National Acrobat
Killing Yourself To Live
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Hole In The Sky
Symptom Of The Universe
Am I Going Insane
Looking For Today
Who Are You
Thrill Of It All
Sabra Cadabra
The Writ

Selling My Soul(w Sabbath)
Psycho Man(w Sabbath)
Shock The Monkey(w Coal Chamber)
Close My Eyes Forever(w Lita Ford)
Who's Fooling Who(w Tony Iommi)
Bombers Can Open Bomb Bays(w Bill Ward)
Jacks Land(w Bill Ward)
Vertical Man(w Ringo Starr)
Stillborn(w BLS)
Iron Head(w Rob Zombie)
Pictures Of Matchstick Men(w Type O Negative)
Shake Your Head(w Was Not Was)
Born To Be Wild(w Miss Piggy)
She Drives Me Crazy(w muppets/ various artists)
I Aint No Nice Guy(w Motorhead/Slash)
Therapy(w Infectious Grooves)
NIB(w Primus)
Iron Man(w Therapy)
Winter Wonderland(w Jessica Simpson and Sharon)
Led CLones(w Gary Moore)
Speak For Yourself(w Gary Moore)
Nowhere To Run(w DMX, ODB, Crystal Method)
For heaven's Sake 2000(w Wu Tang Clan and Iommi)
This Means War(w Busta Rymes)
Hey Stoopid(w Alice Cooper)
Buried ALive(w Rick Wakeman)
Diary of A Madman(ozzy sampling)-House Of Crazees
Lets Go(ozzy sampling)-Trick Daddy
its Only Rock & Roll(w various artists)
Insubordination-Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Urpney Song
Sugar Rain-Quartz
Led CLones(w Gary Moore)
Speak For Yourself(w Gary Moore)

Remixes and s***:
Bark At The Moon(heavy dance)
Shock The Monkey(gorilla remix)
Psycho Man(danny saber remix)
Selling My Soul9danny saber remix)
Changes w Kelly(Dub mix)
Changes w Kelly(main vox mix)
its Only Rock & Roll(Shaft radio remix)
Shake Your Head(remix #1)
Shake Your Head(remix #2)
My Little Man(dance mix #1)
My Little Man(dance mix #2)
Crazy Train(mix 1)
Crazy Train(mix 2)
Crazy Train(mix 3)
Crazy Train(DJ Trashy remix)
Close My Eyes Forever(Devil Creek remix)
Dreamer(osbournes version)
War Pigs(doormouse remix KICKS ASS)
Paranoid(electric 6 vs black sabbath)
What About Black Sabbath(black sabbath remix)
Miracle Man(video version)
Shot In The Dark(video version)
Mr. Crowley(backing track)
Crazy Train(backing track)
Bounty Hunter(tv version)
Bounty Hunter(POD version)
The One Who Says Goodbye(demo)
Long and Winding Road(demo)
The Rebel(longest clip in existance)
When I Came Down
Ozzy Public Service announcement
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Married w/ CHildren theme
Christmas Greeting
All In The Family(promo)
The Osbournes(tenacious d promo)
Blow On A Jug(w Bill Ward)
ozzy and Tony backstage JAM
Randy 3 minute solo
Radio Report:Randy's Death
Dreamer(acoustic version)
Changes (from Live and Loud without audience)
Ozzy interview(1988)
Ozzy interview(on randy/diary of a madman tour)
High Pitch Eric Pranks Ozzy
Ozzy Osbourne prank call(using clips of ozzy)
Ozzy(instudio prep)
Iron Man(backing track)
Paranoid(backing track)
Yakety Yak(#1-7)
Yakety Yak(ozzy's studio session)
Howard Stern interview: Ozzy and Sharon

Spoke In The Wheel(live/acoustic)
The Wizard(live)
Mama Im Coming Home(live/acoustic)
Machine Gun Man(live)
Miracle Man(live)
Candle In The WInd(elton john cover live)
Acoustic Cowby(live)
No More Tears
interview: Zakk gets pissed

Crazy Train-Twisted Sister
Electric Funeral-Pantera
Diary Of A Madman(live)-A Perfect Circle
Shot In The Dark-children of bodom
Crazy Train-Skid Row
Into The VOid-Soundgarden
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Anthrax
Hand Of Doom-Orange Goblin
Goodbye To Romance-Lisa Loeb
Never Say Die-Megadeath
Crazy Train(acoustic)-Everclear
Mr. Crowley-Cradle Of Filth
Paranoid-Motley Crue
See You On The Other
Crazy Train(live)-Collective Soul
Bark At The Moon-Strung Out
Iron Man-NOFX
Crazy Train-Pat Boone
Children Of The Grave-White Zombie
Sweet Leaf-Godsmack
Snowblind-System Of A Down
Behind The Wall Of Sleep-Static-X
Flying High Again-Dokken
Mr. Crowley(live)-Built To SPill
Black Sabbath-Type O Negative
Paranoid-Type O Negative
Over The Mountain-Fozzy
War Pigs-Faith No More(not w ozzy)
Crazy Train-Ohio State University marching band
The Wizard-Bullring Brummies
Symptom Of THe Universe-Sepultura
Crazy Train-Emm Gryner
Hand Of Doom-Slayer
Dirty Women-Hellacopters
After Forever-Biohazard
War Pigs-Dream Theater
Planet Caravan-Pantera
Hellraiser-Joe Lynn Turner
NIB(live)-Rage Against The Machine
Revelation-November's Doom
Lita Ford(live)-Close My Eyes FOrever
Bark At The Moon-Forever Say Die
SATO-Icarus Witch
Mr. Crowley-Tim"Ripper"Owens
Over The Mountain-Mark Slaughter
i Dont Know-Jack Blades
Goodbye To Romance-Alex Skolnick Trio

Bootlegs, ect:
Beast In The Darkness
Moscow Peace Festival
Tears Of The Sinner
Ozzy and Randy(live in Montreal)
Ozzy live in Kansas City 86
ozzy and Randy's First Show ever
Sabbath live at the Fillmore
Sabbath live in Witchita
The Ultimate Ozzy
No Rest For The Wicked tour

i also have a few more songs not on here and a few more bootlegs

you can also check out my video collection on youtube: if ud rather trade for my videos