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I hope Ozzy can get wind of this message from La.

Ozzy, I know you are busy and probably don't read these messages, but if you or one of your staff does then i am asking that you consider extending your tour and visiting the southern states. I am from Louisiana and drove to WIchita to see you on the Black Rain tour. I am a large fellow who wears a 5X and had an airbrushed shirt for the tour made. It has the picture of the skull with OZZY OSBOURNE under it that was copied from the Black Rain CD. under it I have Black Rain tour , Wichita, '07. SInce I saw you on Dec, 08, i wore the shirt once or twice a week here in Louisiana. I have never had so many people stop me and ask me about my shirt before. Every time I wear many people inquire of the tour and I explain I had to drive to WIchita to see you. Many people did not even know you had a new CD out. All my friends went out to buy your CD. MAN, I AM TELLING YOU, IF YOU CAME TO THE SUPERDOME IN NEW ORLEANS (which is now fixed) or TO BATON ROUGE YOU WILL SELL OUT. I AM READY TO SEE YOU AGAIN TOO! please consider a tour extension. WE LOVE YOU IN THE SOUTH TOO, AND MANY ARE HURT BECAUSE YOU DID NOT COME THIS WAY! THX.


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