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Halifax - 2nd Show

Here is the setlist from Halifax show #2 ... not exactly the correct order... whatever the case, amazing show. 34 yrs old, and the first time seeing Ozzy, and I hope it ain't the last!!

I don't wanna stop
Crazy Train
Mr. Crowley
Bark At The Moon
Not Going Away
I Don't Know
Z. Wylde guitar solo.
I don't want to change the world
War Pigs
Suicide Solution
Road To NoWhere
Here For You ( Sharon did not show up for Halifax's 2nd show )
Mama I'm Coming Home (I'll YouTube this in its entirety tonight)

-- Did ya's hear?? Ozzy is playing "2"shows in Halifax Nova Scotia!! haha, love it!


Saw the first show on the 26th, The show rocked, Adam Wakeman (Keyboardist) sat me up with tickets for the 28th show in Halifax witch all so kicked f***ing ass..2 Great shows in 3 nights, All i can say is WOW!!! Adam Wakeman , You f***ing rock! Thankz for the tickets dude!!!

omg i saw ozzys second show on the 28th in halifax and it was JUST AMAZING worth every cent and totaly worth driving in bad icy snowy roads to see. i was so amazed when he first took the stage i actually cried it was just the most wonderful thing i have done in years and loved every second of it..rock on ozzy i love ya
rockin out all the time with only ozzzzzzzzzyyy 4ever

Fantastic show. Ozzy can still entertain as well as anyone. As a recent British expat it was great to see him here. Saw him 20 years ago in UK and Mondays show was just as good. He spans all generations, I went with my 15 year old nephew and he loved it too. Hope you live by you word Ozzy and come back soon, awesome gig!!!