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Ozzy...I don't know, are You reading these messages or not... But... Still, I just don't know what else to do... Please... Come to north of Europe... I'm Your BIG Fan... Really...I Just LOVE You, Your Music...And All The Osbourne's! :D
You Turing All over The USA, and i never saw You...I never been At your concert.... And This is my dream...To See You...

So PLEASE. Ozzy... In The name of All Your Fans Here... (And Here it's lots of them! believe me...) Come to North of Europe....

I do anything to come to your concert! I could even Ran from home! just to see You! :)


Unfortunately I have never been in Ozzy's concert too, it's still my dream to see him on stage live. I hope he will come to one of our neighbour countries..

He did a book signing in Dublin today! Not a word out of him! "Hi Ozzy" *hands book* (didnt even look up, signs book and gets handed back). "Thanks Ozzy - see ya soon" (still looking down. doesnt acknowledge me). four hours of a queue up to get a book I bough to pay for his free trip to Dublin and i don't even get a hi. Ozzy - you're just greaaaaaaaat

great idea to get Ozzy overhere, if he's fit for it. One can only pray.

lots of love

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I hope that. I'm me too a great ozzy fan and i never seen him. Perhaps a touring in italy first or then........

^^ Ups...

IThey say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind
I just listen to Ozzy !

Is there the girl who told me that we just have to take it easy and try not to show Ozzy our love to him I mean being hysterical? Run away from home? That's nice :D:D:D