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Well I wish I was surprised, but I am not. As much as I admire Paul's work, solo as well as when he was with the Beatles, I have always figured him for a spoiled ass pussy b****, and I am not at all surprised by the fact that John Lennon housed many ill feelings toward him after the tumultuous break up of the Beatles.

I have a great story to share with you all on how John pulled a real s***y on Paul, which John stated was not done deliberately, but none the less John managed to get himself an enormous laugh at Paul’s expense . As the story goes Paul had called John right before he was to go to Japan to play a concert with Wings during their 1980 tour. Paul had surprisingly called John to see if he was up to him coming by the Dakota to catch up with him on things, as well as smoke some incredible weed he had just managed to score. During the conversation Paul also told John that while he was in Tokyo he and Linda would be staying at the Okura Hotel. Even though this seems to be of no real importance to you and me, it did however upset John right away. As we all know John and Yoko had many mediums and spiritualists employed by them, and consulted with them on almost everything, including buying real-estate, among many, many other important business endeavors. Nonetheless John was so upset by this news that in truth it should have been called a complete f***ing melt down! The whole dilemma you see was this, that sweet that Paul and Linda would be staying in at the Okura Hotel was also John & Yoko’s sweet that they had always stayed at when they were spending time in Tokyo, and to John if Paul and Linda was to stay in their holy of holiest room, it would blow all that great karma, and divine ambiance that John & Yoko had always believed that particular room housed.

So of course John reneged on Paul’s little proposal of a quick visit, only voicing how disappointed he was that he would not be getting a opportunity to burn down some of this so called superb weed Paul had said he had on him. So as soon as John had finished his phone call with Paul, he of course immediately called Yoko, telling her everything, including the smoking of what I would consider Paul’s attempt at burning the peace pipe with him. Yoko surprise, surprise called her business agent, sorry I cant remember his name, but he told Yoko he would take care of it, it being the room situation at the Tokyo hotel. John woke up the following morning happy as a pig in s***, and was going through all the stacks of tabloids that reported of Paul’s big pot bust at the Tokyo airport, John was even known to have said “I can see old Paul now, sitting back and singing yesterday to all of the Tokyo jail guards, John was very, very pleased with how things had managed to work out.

So I enjoy this story a whole bunch, it was one of probably a few times a**hole Paul finally got what was coming to him, kind of like this bulls*** divorce of his, what a dumb ass, who marries a one legged ex-whore?

I also recall Ozzy on the Howard Stern show, Paul had came in while Ozzy was there, Paul kind of snubbed Ozzy even then, I thought Paul acted like a complete a**hole snob, a f***in utter jerk to say the very least, he talked as if he was above keeping company with Ozzy, which really pissed me off, big time! So after that I pretty much wrote Paul off as a person, his art is great, but his personality is for dog s***, f*** him! I was always a bigger fan of Johns work anyway, and had always thought John played a much bigger part in my liking Ozzy’s voice so much. Ozzy and John remind me a lot more of one another than when you compare Ozzy to Paul, anyway Paul can kiss my dick, he’s completely self absorbed, and has lost his touch, he is the definition of the word yesterday!!!!



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)