Of course Ozzy would think and say that, Ozzy Osbourne would have to be the most humblest musician out there when it comes to his own talents. Thats more of a credit to Ozzy I think and yet another insight into why he is THE rock legend that he is, ie humble talented brillant genius. Double O has contributed more to rock and metal than Mcc***ney could ever possibly do and still is. Mcc***ney is yesterday or should I say yesterdecade and he knows it, thats why he's such a f***in twat, he can't hack it anymore when it comes to the likes of Ozzy Osbourne who is STILL producing fresh music and appealing to all walks of life as oposed to Mcc***ney who's living off yesterday. You can blow all you like my friend. Mcc***ney doesn't rate!!!
Old rockers come and go, but not Oldman Double O