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Sorry for not giving better details earlier. To register your vote go to "". This should get you there. Unfortunately for our American cousins, I live about 7 miles from Ozzy's parental home, and about the same from Geezers home. I agree The original line up should knighted as they as a collective are the grand daddy's of Heavy Metal. If others feel that the others should get knighted, then please contact the Number 10 website, and start a petition. It wiltell you thatyou must be british/commonwealth/dependant citizen etc.
So if you fit the bill, get voting, as Ozzy and co deserve it.
Concerning Paul mac cartney, so what, if a teen band had tried to release his last out pouring they would got to see the A and R person!
Concerning Dio, you would feel like crap if you were sacked and replaced. I think Ozzy, is old enough and wise enough to have mellowed down, with age. Yes Ozzy is the best, but the other have done some desent stuff, as a collective. Heaven and hell, just do thier songs, not Ozzy material.
Any way click on, and sign the petition ASAP

Number 1