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Sorry for any misinformation. I did not read the blurb to well. The pettion was set up by a fan at the Number 10 website. I only hope that enough fans sign up, and high light what Oxxy and co have done. He has met the Queen, when she hosted a party at the Palace. I was slightly pissed when he came on with Tony, so the TV volume went up. They only did Paraniod, but it looks like the Royal Princes enjoyed the set. I managed to get the BBC DVD - OA0845D - "Party at the Palace" 3rd June 2002. Ricky Martin opened the night, but is not on the DVD. That Say's a lot. It just so happens Paul Mac cartney is featured along with Brian Wilson, and Eric Clapton. Brian May and Phil Colins accomanied Ozzy and Tony.

Anyway, I was under the Impression that Canada has people Knighted, so perhaps there is another outlet, to tell the World. I have gone a way, and had careful thought, due to the potential implications. We do want to stay above the law, and not be sleezy. I must confess to having relatives in AB, and CA, who could use my address as they are related, I supose. We have the following providers in England: Tiscalli, AOL, Hotmail, etc, all on dot com, or dot UK. Have you ever had a holiday (vacation) in the mother country? where did you stop, was it relatives, B+B, Hotel, Friend, Pen Friend, etc. Let common sense prevail.

I first Saw Ozzy at Birmingham's NEC on the Talk of the Devil Tour, 1980/81? Birmingham Odeon, NEC, Monsters of Rock Donninton Park, etal.