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Only me again.

Had all night to think this one through. If we are to stay legal with all of you on the other side of the pond, we must play the game. Hard I know, but at times we just got to.

1) For those in the states recomened Ozzy for a Congesional Medal like Tony (l*@r) Blair was awarded. At least Ozzy has brought enjoyment to the American People, and not done anything interantionally embaracing!

2) For those in Canada, try the Honors System. I think that they have one, that works like the one here in England. I think that the Aussies also have it.

3) Literally anyone could, and should click onto "". This is where you have your chance to play the game. Select "contact Prime Minister" then select "Email Prime Minister". Then you get to "Choose a catorgary". This give you two areas to select. try them both.

The first is International Affiars, and

the other is plainly "Enter Your Own Topic".

Remember, to be clear, concise, no bad langauge, and generally stress the point. At a guess some faceless Civil Servant will read it, vet it, and probally send some sort of reply. If there are enough hopefully our Gordon Brown - Prime Minister, a doudy Scot, will be made aware. I would imagine a lot will depend on the input from the World Wide Fan Base!


In England, we have the afternoon TV Chat show hosted by "Richrad and Judy", it is on Channel 4 @ 1700hrs to 1800 hrs. They host a Book Club, where they select a number of books for the veiews to read and vote on as the best. They let the auther do a piece about the book, and then have two celebraties give thier opinion. The response is dramatic. These never heard of before authors sell shed loads of books thanks to Richard and Judy. It has been sugested that they hare behind English kids wanting to take up the study of the English Language. They even have the book club as part of the English Book awards. So the point is they have a lot of clout in publisiing popular matters. I found thier website ok "www.channel4/richardand judy" ok. It give you an idea what they are about, and who they have on the show.


contact them direct via Email to "".

yet again, keepit clean and to the point, TV programs follow something worth supporting, and Ozzy needs supporting on this one. Do not forget to mention his Charity work, as this should help the cause.
Now get sending, as I have waffled on long enough