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Unfortunately, sad things happen in this big bad world that we live in. Why do any of us, do what we do. Ozzy comes from Aston, not far from the football (socer) ground of Aston Villa. We must all have a cross to bare. Aston is a suburb of Birmingham, and they have a distinct accent. The difference between someone from the deep south talking to an Inuet. They both speak English, but probably have to listern hard to understand the other. Pehaps the poor unfortunate souls who have miss heard or misunderstood the lyric have unfortunately done what they have done. Perhaps, they had something else running through their mind before hand.I do not know, but we must all pass on our sympaphys to those who have regretably done such things. May they rest in peace.

Could it be that they were the local misfit, and someone wants to make big money out of a sad event? I do not Know.
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