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Fav song off BLACK RAIN

So far, What is your favorite song from Ozzy's new album, BLACK RAIN???

I am very impressed with the album over all. I have not found one song I dislike. But my favs would be Lay Your World On Me and Not Going Away

whats urs???


my fav ballad is Here For you. Other favorites Not Going Away, Black Rain, 11 Silver, Civilize The Universe, Countdow's Begun, Trap Door. Damn that is good album..

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What's up with Sir Oz being hoarse on a couple tracks?
My favorite songs are Black Rain and Countdown's Begun


haha id so so seeing how u named off almost the entire album..LoL

I go with

The Almighty Dollar

I love the lyrics !

You Think You Special - You Think Your Cool -You So Invisble You Know Body Fool

The Almighty Dollar... the bass reminds me of something Mike Inez would write. Awesome lyrics too.

black rain. good song.................... also here for you. also a good song.................

Not really Sincere,

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I vote for Black Rain. I like the anti-war commentary in a song that sounds great. Somebody should send a copy to G.W. Bush and see if he gets the less-than-subtle message.

the entire cd rocks,but #8 HERE FOR YOU really hits home for me."NOT GOING AWAY" rocks the house!

Not going away!!!! coundowns begun is also great, along with black rain....
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God bless the almighty dollar, one of the best songs of all time!!!!

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I have "Can´t Save You" and "Nightmare", I trade for "Love To Hate". (I need "Love To Hate, I can trade for somethink else)
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It's a toss up between Not Going Away and Black Rain
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Black Rain & Civilize The Universe

I'm really diggin "Trap Door" and "Countdowns Begun" ... Those are my favs so far... also dig -11 SILVER- .. but all the songs kick ass.. i really like how ozzy's style now days.. i find a lot of those songs really original.


I'll say Black Rain, though it's hard to pick when all the songs range from OK to excellent, with most being closer to excellent.

I love the bass in Allmighty Dollar.
Bombs Away!!!

Allmighty Dollar is one of the best songs of his carreer. also love "nightmare" at a close second
--, sound like a song from "bark" or "no rest"!
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I like every song on the album. Coundown's Begun and Nightmare are my two favorites.

wow that is certainly hard to choose, Black Rain is steadily becoming one of the favorite albums in my collection(keep in mind i have a 65 cd collection)
My overall favorite on this album is I Don't Wanna Stop it's so damn catchy, i also have to say i love The Almighty Dollar, Black Rain, Not Going Away, and Countdown's Begun ( i just realized that that's half the album) but i do love the entire album, it's surely one of the best albums of '07

civilize the universe for me cant get that chorus out of my head and the solo kicks ass.

Top three right now

1. Black rain
2. 11 silver
3. I dont wanna stop

My top three right now are (in order) are Trap Door, Almighty Dollar and Lay Your World On Me.

My fave is I DON'T WANNA STOP.

classic track.

Top three right now.....

1. Not Going Away
2. The Almighty Dollar
3. Lay Your World On Me (Oz's voice is just KILLER on this track!)

The whole album is great, and getting better each listen.
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

Lay Your World On Me and Here For You are my favs and I normally like the rockers better than the ballads on the other albums. My other favs are The Almighty Dollar, Black Rain, and 11 Silver, but I absolutely love the whole album and I have to say it is one of my favorite Ozzy albums ever. That is saying a lot, as I have all the albums except Tribute on the original vinyls, all the 80's cds, all the 95 remasters, and all the 2002 remasters.

Nightmare is my fav hands down. i think it should have been the lead single. then i like The Almighty Dollar, Here for You, and Not Going Away. I love the lyrics to Black Rain.
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Probably "Black Rain"... I am pretty much bored with the CD already.

Yeah AXEMAN.... I really should have added "Here for You" on my faves too. Again, Oz's voice is just sooo awesome on these slower ballad type songs!

Wish I could here "Nightmare" you got me really really wanting to hear it.

Rock On Brother.
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hard too choose, but theres just something about "trap door" that really does it for me.
it's one of the heavier songs of this album.
Rock on!!
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Here for you and Black Rain and lay your world on me but I like the whole CD.....I've had it on my CD player in my car and we've listening to it since I got it on monday....can't wait for the ozzfest.

Ozzy rules!!

I think i have to go with trap door though its hard to choose. all the songs are awsome. i dont really agree with the politics on the album but the songs are all too good to denounce because of ozzy's views. Plus i care a hell of a lot more about Ozzy and music than i do politics