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Backing tracks

I don't know if this will be posted because i am bringing this up, but Ozzy singing with a backing track on Kimmel was just embarrassing. I don't care if his voice is off key. I want to hear the songs live. The vocals on Kimmel both nights were terrible because of the backing track. The band sounded great. Ozzy gave a great interview as well. I hope he drops the backing track for Ozzfest. I didn;t notice it on Smackdown and that performance was stellar.


im really not sure if he was using a backing track like some have said...the way he would move his head away and then turn to sing into it would have been a very bold thing for ozzy to do if it was a backing track...i dont think he'd feel he has the skills to pull risky moves like that when he could possibly not turn his head in time and miss his que....i noticed a very bad echo when he would speak so i think maybe that was what u heard,,,but idk

to add...not to say that u are like crazy or anything but everyone has their own opinion...i mean u said u didnt think he used a backing track on Smackdown but even in this very forum some people are convinced he ya know....i guess no one really knows except those at the Ozzy camp

it was just an effect. when he spoke you could tell. the only reason some moments sounded off key is because his voice would waiver and the echo would be in a different key than the current voice.
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I just wish he would drop the "effect" then. He sounded great at the Rock Honors as well. He did a show on the BBC that you can find on YouTube. I think the host's name was Ross. The effect or backing track was less prominent than Kimmel but still too noticable. I'm a huge Ozzy fan and I just don't want him to look like a fool.
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