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Here's a quetion for ye but please decide on your answer before you read the answer.
Q: Who would win in a fight Ozzy or God?

A: Don't be silly.....Ozzy is God!


and you dont have a brain either thread writer,,that question came from the movie airheads with brendan fraser steve bushemi and adam sandler--- who would between lemmy n god,,trick qestion lemmy is god.. you are the airhead fool


well seriously wat a silly thread when we in the metal world know that lemmy is god and ozzy is the prince of darkness,,enuf from me


seriously, this thread is pretty stupid. i don't think Ozzy thinks he's God. i don't think Ozzy is God. i think he's one hell of a musician though. and beautiful inside and outside.

God. Ozzy has cheated death but thats not the same. But why would Tony Iommi want to fight Ozzy now that they have buried the hatchet? ;)

Ozzy of course.


yeah, ozzy is god. (toni is god of guitar players)

you got that off of Airheads didn't you

Guitar Players Rule


Lol i think its the other way round God is Ozzy......

Is this full size Ozzy or mini Ozzy?


after you said don't read the answer before I reply

I couldn't help but to read it

Ozzy is God and Randy was Jesus nuff said

A: ozzy because he would bite gods head off

i already read answer but oh well