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Not Ozzfest but just ozzy

Edmonton needs some more ozzy in our life
we havn't seen him in 5 years and motley crue has came 3 times since then
if he comes to edmonton, i smell a sell out


I feel your pain.

One my pen-friend went to Finland to visit an Ozzconcert.
Tomorrow after he visited Motley concert. When he returned to Russia, he was crazy!!!

I fail to see the problem. Ozzy is still crazy and he's still great. Rock On Ozzy!

Edmonton definatly needs OZZY. He is supposed to be touring with Rob Zombie. I have seen Zombie 5 times and he always puts on a killer show.

--I saw ozzy in west palm beach, it was the last of his tour and i thought he was awesome and i also found it to be a little upsetting seeing how they announced this is the last ozzfest.
Tammy Haddad

Who said it was the last Ozzfest???? I am curious about that one......

Love Rose.............

Goodbye to Romance

Anonymous....... We know better don't we......... ;-)

Love Rose.............

Goodbye to Romance

i think maybe he meant that it was the last ozzfest concert of the season until they go again next year

I've got nothing to hide
I'm not guilty inside
I won't give up
After all I'm still crazy......

ladies and gentlemen, he AIN'T GOIN AWAY!!!!!

Mamma.... You are correct. :-).... Although he may do some Ozzfests overseas......... But yeah Florida was the last for 2007 in the states for Ozzfest, that's all.........

Love Rose................

Goodbye to Romance

haha funny I've never posted on these boards before but I am an Ozzy fan, seen him two times before here in town. and I just read this on pollstar

Mon 10/22/07 Ozzy Osbourne Rexall Place
Mon 10/22/07 Rob Zombie Rexall Place