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Awesome Brisbane Show!!

It was so f***ing great to see the legend that is OZZY last night. The crowd rocked hard. I was lucky enough to be front row centre on the barrier. Ozzy seemed to enjoy himself and pulled out all the classics.

Setlist (Not in right order):

I Don't Wanna Stop
Suicide Solution
Bark at the Moon
War Pigs
Mr Crowley
Road to Nowhere
Not Going Away
Crazy Train
Guitar Solo
I Don't Want to Change the World
Here For You
I Don't Know

Mama I'm Coming Home

Loved hearing War Pigs-crowd singing on it was awesome. The man didn't disappoint throwing buckets of water on us and screaming for the crowd to go crazy. Was one of the best concerts I'll ever see. Had a big f***ing smile on my face all night. Was lucky enough to get a Mike Bordin drumstick.

Thank you Ozzy, you are the f***ing greatest!!


I went to the Brisbane show with me mate and simply put, IT f***ING KICKED MAJOR ASS MAN!!! It was my 1st ever Ozzy concert and I was glad to see that he still has a very strong fan following. I must admit I had never heard of Sevendust before but was pretty impressed as to what they had to offer. On the way to the show I had major "butterflies" in my stomach and honestly thought I was gonna pass out from so much damn excitement! From the hilarious opening spoof video at the beginning right up to the always satisfying last song Paranoid my heart and my inner "Rock Demon" never stopped beating. I was extremely amazed at how awesome and brilliant the Ozzman's voice sounded and how he still manages to run around and throw buckets of "Ozzy's Holy Water" on the crowd. It was truly the greatest night of my life so far and I am sure to remember every bit of it right up until the day I die! At the end of the show he mentioned that it will NOT take him another 11 years to come back to Ozztralia and I really really REALLY hope he sticks true to his word. I am now feeling mixed emotions of utter aweness at his magnificense and slightly depressed that the show has now been n gone, :(. There are only a few issues that I have problems with the night and I will state them now. 1.) I didn't get the seat that I was expecting to get after purchasing a Gold ticket, instead it felt more like a Silver one. 2.) Security at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was over controlling and not letting anyone have "too much fun" an example of this was a true blue "Metal Head" was headbanging and getting right into the show and was in no way harming anyone or in anyone's way and 2 security guards kicked him out off the show! Poor bastard was just havin' fun n rockin' his balls off and the second example was another guy standing once again in no ones view and not harming anyone just simply waving an Australian flag about and proudly promoting our country and when security confronted him (this part I like, lol) he waved the flag about in there faces causing them to kick him out too! I mean COME ON!!! Ozzy said at the beginning of the show that "the Crazier the crowd goes, the crazier he goes and the longer they play" and any Ozzy fan knows that Ozzy loves a WILD crowd! I believe that if Ozzy had seen these occurances happen he would have blasted security and I wouldn't have blamed him. Me and my mate were goin' to tell security to leave them alone but decided not to in fear of ourselves being kicked out too. 3.) The 1st five rows of the mosh pit seemed to me from where I was sitting, were the only ones gettin' right into the show and going crazy! I know that this kinda contradicts my previous point about security kickin people out for just havin a good time but I still reckon that if ya got mosh pit tickets you should at least make the most of it and go WILD! I saw way too many people just standing there and not doing anything, not even moving and I though to myself "what a waste of a ticket!" I can understand some people may have been too afraid to "let go" and go nuts with security on there backs but hey! there were more of us then them, lol. Mr. Zakk "f***ING" Wylde's Guitar solo was simply amazing and I gotta admit I loved the "Titty flashers Cam". There were a lotta nice ones there that's for sure, lol:P. After the show ended and we were on our way out I decided that I was gonna buy 2 shirts and a Bandana which I am now proudly wearing, :P. All in all, besides the minor problems I got one last thing to say and that is: "I just knelt at the Throne of the Prince of Darkness, OZZY f***ING RULES!!!" LONG LIVE OZZY!!!

oh that sounds awesome!! glad that you had fun dude!! Ozzy is so god damn amazing!!!! Love him to death!!


i still have not been to an Ozzy concert all my life. just too damn broke. =(

heyy my time will come!! hope i have as much fun as you did!
im running fast but getting nowhere.
i see the light but i never get there.

I love to read about Ozzy's concerts, in two weeks I'll be here telling you guys all about Ozzy in Brazil!!!

oh thats cool!! i cant wait to hear about it!

im running fast but getting nowhere.
i see the light but i never get there.

u lucky bugger!

Leave me alone dont want your promises no more.
Cos rock n roll is my religion and my law.
Won't ever change, may think it's strange.
You can't kill rock n roll, it's here to stay.......