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Well hello, CHILDREN!

They call me the ancient on,e and for good reason....

I'm 58 years young, I was born in August 1948, so i'm 4 MONTHS OLDER than the Ozzman himself!

Scary isn't it?

I first 'met ' Ozzy when we were both 21`years old. he was in Birmingham recording
Black Sabbath' and I was in Australia playing bass guitar in a pub-rock band. We'd heard about this awesome new English band and how they had an album coming out in February. (1970) We turned Sydney town upside down and I finally found a copy of that very first album.

It was number 1147 off the original pressing, and I've still got it in my collection. Still plays alright too. So I'm a fan from the very beginning, and I'm still rocking to them!

Peace, Glen.