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what happened with the intricate artwork on the cd cover? i got a skeleton head with a crown. great cd though.


A jewel case is not a waste at all. I understand the environmental concern, but if one is a great fan of the Oz man then don't you want a durable case suitable for storing & preserving his CD for decades to come? (when you're not listening to his fine songs, of course). I have a 20-year-old CD of Tribute and it looks good as new without a single scratch -- stored in a standard jewel case.

It has alot to do with teh enviorment moron..

"OZZY OSBOURNE's 'Black Rain' Goes Green - June 5, 2007

Launch Radio Networks reports: OZZY OSBOURNE's latest album, "Black Rain", is actually green. The album, which came out on May 22, was released in "eco-friendly" packaging, with the CD sleeve made out of recycled paper. In addition, the record came out without a booklet to further save paper, with the lyrics, credits and other inside material available to buyers of the CD at "

There are liek 10 posts about this...

People need to stop crying... I think all CD's should come liek this.. All that extra paper and palstic is a waste and bad for the enviorment.. It should be all about the music.. Go look at pictures on the internet.. I love the packaging.

the CD case does look much better in person than in the pics though!!

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Also some people need to know that their is a gray version out there with tickets with it in case people are wondering,It doesnt matter to me since I have signed up for Ozzfest tickets but for people who haven't they might be ticked off,In mine all I got was a code and I heard their were gray ones with ozzfest tickets already in them.
In OZZY I trust!

The US got screwed. UK, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Canada all have the original artwork we saw online with Ozzy and the Black Rain falling and it includes a book with lyrics and credits. That is why we are complaining tomass74 is because they mislead us by saying that cover was the final artwork online and said nothing about it only being for the world outside of the US and we paid f***ing 16.98 to preorder it and this is what we ended up with. Not to mention them trying to say you should preorder it to guarantee getting a limited edition one with ticket codes, and then going to the store and every f***ing copy in the store has the ticket codes and they are on sale for 11.99! Sure the music is the most important part, but artwork is part of the experience as well, and if it is "all about the music" like you say, then would you buy a burned CDR if Ozzy put that out and sold it for 16.98? WTF does this have to do with the environment anyway? They could have included a booklet with it and had the booklet be made out of recycled paper just like this is. And plastic? Who throws cds away anyway, so how would that be bad for the environment? If it is about the environment, then why would it have a jewel case and booklet with it in all the other countries? This kind of artwork does not give people any incentive to purchase the cd. You could burn a copy and print artwork off the computer that looks as good as that. If i had known about this, I would never have purchased the US edition and would have just imported a copy which I ended up doing anyway (from Canada).

Hey Ozzfan.. What do you mean that you already signed up?? Is that what we have to do? I thought we just entered the code when they go onsale.. Is that not the case?