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Love the music. I listened to it 4 times this morning already. Thank you GOD! Zakk is back, as is Ozzy! Glad to hear a better band, and producer. So much better than "Down To Earth", and "Under Cover". Still they are good, just not the best. The cover art is great, just cheap packageing. Had to get all info off web site. Oh well...
Also check out URIAH HEEP. They STILL rock, and have a new CD coming out in September. 35 + years, not bad!! Just like the Grandfather of f***ing Rock Ozzy,[as Zakk calls him], they Still are the s***! Always have been, always will be.
Just saw Roger Waters in concert at Ford Amphatheatre, in Tampa on 5-19-07. Another great show to see. Just as good as Floyd, in Tampa, in 1978! [Animals tour!]
Anyway-OZZY rocks-once again!!! Glad you are back!!!
Zakk"s "Shot To Hell" is great too.
Jim Russell, Sr
Tampa, Florida.@ 5-22-07, 8:16am.