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ok ok.the only bands i care about are
system of a down
as i lay dieing
all shall parish
but im a big fan of godsmack...i love them to death!!!! also i dont get y all the "hardcore metalheads" r bashin up on the ppl who like 9 inch nails n all the other emo bands it just make u look like ur trying to act all tough.well i mean do wat u got to do but im just saying u look alittle wannabeish.i try to respect everyone n also have sum"emo" friends myself...tho only tru emos r dead...they just listem to greenday n fall out boy n all that nasty s***.oh well its there lives n they can listen to watever they want u kno??but...if they s*** talk metal bands i f***in beat them up cuz that aint im kind of a hipocrite.